Month: December 2008


A Hanukkah card I did some years ago.

I did this with an exacto knife and Pantone colored films many years ago. Can you believe it? No Photoshop yet. See the airbubbles? Ha ha. Oh well.

Happy Hannukah! (There is no one way to spell Chanukah, fyi.)


Tomorrow: Susy’s collection of holiday nature like you’ve never seen. Really.


A cool cover by Mike Lowery for Guideposts Magazine.


Tomorrow: Trina’s illustration on how to trim your holiday tree


Trina’s piece for Spa Magazine

I love Trina’s colors and smooth vibe. She gets tons of editorial work, and you can see why. I’ve suggested to her that she do the background dots for me to sell at Printsource in January.


Monday: Mike Lowery’s holiday cover.


The artist’s process: Suzy Ultman

Here’s what the lovely Suzy has to say:

Hi Lilla,

I’ve been thinking a lot about the “worlds within our worlds”: all of the little connections that make our living world possible. It could come from the fact that I spend a lot of time with my boys at Boston’s Science Museum & the Natural History Museum. It also stems from my passion for the environment.

I started drawing bugs and snails. I replaced the snail’s home (shell) with our new house (#9) and then started drawing more snails with other Newburyport houses. I’ve attached those sketches. I’ve also attached a sketch for Madison Park. It is a tree with an apple family and a snail coming to visit.

I’d like to pursue the natural-world+human-world connections.

I also think these characters would live well in a paper diorama kit or “punchout and play” kit (fun DYI project). There could be houses, trees, critters all living in their own special world. Of course, there would have to be a “green” message. Let me know what you think. xo suzy


Tomorrow: Trina’s latest editorial piece for Spa Magazine. Think about the glowy-est pinks you can, and tomorrow you will see them in Trina’s piece.


Bonnie Dain’s work for Traditional Home Magazine on “Midlife Mayhem”

Bonnie has this unencumbered, non-neurotic line quality. I’m fascinated by my artists and their work as a reflection of their psyche. Bonnie lived in Seattle for many years and now mostly lives in Rome. She has a wonderful spirit, very positive. Experimentation in her work comes easily.




Tomorrow: A look at Suzy Ultman’s fascinating art process. Her preliminary sketches.


A piece by Mike Lowery

Mike writes me:

“Here’s a little illustration poster I made for SCAD’s (Savannah College of Art and Design) major’s fair.”


Tomorrow: See what unencumbered, non-neurotic line quality looks like.


Ann Boyajian’s yummy pieces

Ann came to the studio recently to meet with me to talk about some new direction for work for licensing. We talked about how great it would be for her to do pastry pieces. I think her fantastic classic drawing with clean, tight lettering and then great painterly texture behind the work is a fine combo. Who do you think should license this work? Can you see it on plates? Tea towels?



Tomorrow: Mike Lowery’s art fair poster


New piece by Jessica Allen

Currently Jessica does not accept commissions. We are the exclusive agent of her gorgeous existing work for licensing. As she creates pieces, she sends them to us to sell for licensing. Here is her latest piece. Contact us to license or buy. Thanks.


Monday: Ann Boyajian’s yummy pieces.


Linda Ketelhut for Skirt! Magazine

I am crazy about this piece Linda did for Skirt! Magazine. When I took Linda on, several years ago, for representation, I loved her work, but she was ahead of her time and not getting tons of work. Now she’s really getting the work she deserves, and her work is growing. This is what I love about being an agent. It’s rewarding.

I call this style, “unaffected drawing”. It reminds me of what we girls drew on our notebooks in junior high. And Linda’s brought it to a high level.


And here’s a version she did in pink:

Which do you prefer? The yellow version is the one she sent to the client, and then she made her own pink version.


Lilla Rogers Studio at Printsource NY

We’re so excited to exhibit at Printsource NY in January. And look what they are sending around, with our very own Carolyn Gavin of Ecojot as the featured artist on their announcement. Can you visit us? We’re taking appointments from art directors. Contact us to schedule an appointment to see work at the show. (Sorry, we can’t make appointments with artists even though we’d love to meet you. We’ll be so dang busy we really can’t view portfolios at the show.)


Tomorrow: Jessica Allen’s new birthday card.