Month: February 2013


Allison Cole for Oopsy Daisy

Allison writes:

“I just wanted to share my new collection for Oopsy Daisy, A Through Z, now available online. The collection includes wall decals, growth charts, personalized canvas wall art, placemats, and night lights. Each letter of the alphabet features a different animal!”


A room of her own

Sarajo writes:

“Hi All,
Land of Nod showcased a room re-design featuring my one of my bedding designs in a recent post on Honest to Nod! It’s from blogger and mom Raechel Myers for her daughter Hazel’s bedroom. What a beautiful room and what a lucky daughter! Honest to Nod also features lots of fun DIY projects for parents and kids. Enjoy!
I love thinking about how many youngsters are sleeping on the dancer bedding and all the creativity that will infuse their dreams—sheets as creativity/dream vehicle!”


Rachael Taylor’s showing at Home, London

Rachael writes on her blog:

“We are back at the studio after exhibiting at Home, London which is described as “The definitive trade event for the very best homewares & interior accessories”. Our stand was part of the ‘Homegrown’ section & we were really thrilled with the space & overall presentation. Home really is a beautiful show & we were honoured to a part of it.

At the show we launched our brand new limited edition cushions & lighting collection along with presenting our accessories, kitchen textiles & wallpaper. If you are interested in any of the products you can visit our online store here.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who stopped by our stand @home_london it was lovely to see you, we really appreciate your support. It was a very fun but exhausting show! We are excited & super, super happy to have confirmed orders from British stockists, orders placed for Switzerland (for the very first time!) along with lots of international stockist enquiries (including Japan, USA, Spain, Thailand & Brazil!) we even had a big TV company express interest & was also approached for further licensing opportunities.

We really didn’t know what to expect from our first experience at show (& how well we would fit in) but we are so thrilled that we attracted an international audience & that our stand was well received!

We are keeping our fingers crossed & feeling very grateful. Below is a selection of images showcasing our stand, we hope you like it!”


Suzy Ultman blog feature on Chronicle

From Chronicle Books blog:
“This month, we take a peek inside the journal of Suzy Ultman, the wonder woman behind a cornucopia of adorable Chronicle stationery and gifts.

I asked Suzy how she uses her own, and it turns out she’s a die-hard list-maker. Here’s a look at the list of lists she keeps in her journal, all sprinkled with adorable Suzy doodles, of course!

I love making lists. Always have. As a teenager, I re-wrote my class notes in notebooks and journals just for fun, listing out science-y facts or bullet-pointing homework assignments.

These days, I like to keep my list-making creative and fun. My journals are a place where I can explore ideas and goals, keep track of thoughts, and organize concepts. It’s also a way to revisit places I’ve been, and think about the places I want to go.

The best things about lists…
1. They are easy to keep.
2. They are never-ending. You can always add bits, delete parts, and come up with ideas between the lines.
3. There’s no greater sense of satisfaction than adding something new to your list, or crossing something off of it.

The Storybook Journal has become my go to spot for list-making. The detailed cover is a constant source of inspiration. It’s almost like the quaint characters are suggesting lists for me to make.


I started my Storybook Journal with some brainstorming, by jotting down lists I’d like to begin. Hey, it’s a list of lists!


I have scraps and scraps of paper with color pencil markings. I decided to organize my color thoughts for a project where I need boy, girl and gender neutral color stories.


I sometimes I like to paste a little pocket into my journal. As my book list grows, I can add cards to the pocket.


My boys & I like to bird and critter-watch. We call our backyard the “Nature Channel”. I was actually reminded, by my oldest son, that I forgot to list banana slug on this list.


I keep a post-it like this in my wallet (minus the doodles) with our household grocery essentials. I add everyday lists like this to my journal, and use them for drawing exercises. Sometimes, nothing is more inspiring than a quick post-it list.


This list is ever growing. It comes in handy for creative writing, and also sparks visual ideas.


I like to approach each day with thoughtful, positive energy. If I need a nudge in that direction, one or more of these mantras always helps. I love making additions to this list.


Inside the giant clog is my very special travel wish list. It is especially fun to cross items off of this list!