Month: February 2014


Sarajo’s Interstate bedding at Land of Nod!

Hi all,

I’m excited to announce that my new “Interstate” bedding is now available at Land of Nod!

Just in time for back to school, you can catch some zzz’s while reviewing your United States geography! Map quilt, bear and compass throws, and a happy sun and cloud sham. I had so much fun designing this set! – Sarajo




Get Crafty with Suzy Ultman Kits

Lilla,  These crafty kits are all flashbacks to my childhood. As a girl, I would spend hours at the kitchen table coloring, cutting, stitching, and beading. Recently, I bought some “shrinky dink” sheets at a local craft store, and reconnected with the magic of baking & shrinking my drawings. I was inspired to pitch the idea to Land of Nod, and sent them some of my fun plastic creations. Now, one year later, there is a delightful, authentically Shrinky Dink set available through Land of Nod.  If you have a young sewer in the house, the colorful needlepoint kits, and playful stitch kits are a must have. Enjoy! Suzy

shrinky-dinks_blog2 shrinky-dinks_blog1 needlepoint_kits_blog1 mr.-sherwood-stitch-kit shrinky-dinks_blog1a needlepoint_kits_blog2 ms.-tulip-stitch-kit



Macrina Busato’s Pissarro inspired landscapes!

Hello, The new collection inspired in Pissarro landscapes is released! The design was created with potato stamps and gouache. Enjoy! – Macrina