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This week it’s our annual VIP Retreat! We are excited to host 25 of our artists, who are attending this year (virtually) from Jakarta to Los Angeles, from Barcelona to Berlin. They’ll get to meet with our stellar VIPs from book, toy, stationery, and gift markets and show them their amazing work. We can’t wait!

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Above: Art by Kay Wolfersperger   My mantra is this: Play business like it’s a game. In other words, do fun things that benefit everyone–the creative director/editor, the artist, and the agency. Make up fun stuff that everyone will enjoy. It’s served me well in my (almost) 40 years in the business, kept me out […]

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September 9th, 2021 — WebinART with Ruth Burrows In our latest webinART, Lilla had a great chat with Ruth about how found her way to illustration, and how she is now living her “best life” Click here to watch the replay

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