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New Products! A pup in a cup, a well-being illustration, honest history, and a dreamy paper collection

I love showing you our latest projects. This week we’ve got a lovely history book, a pretty children’s puzzle, a dreamy stationery set, and an illustration for a well-being magazine.

Sarah Walsh for Honest History

Rebecca Jones for Crocodile Creek

We’re looking for an illustration agent to join our team! Learn more here.

We’re getting ready for our Annual Artists and VIP Retreat here in Arlington, MA. Stay tuned to see more.

Katie Vernon for Roger la Borde

Trina Dalziel for Breathe Magazine

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Get ready to flip out. Gorgeous products by Tara Lilly for Anthropologie.

Revel in the beauty of these new products by our artist Tara Lilly for Anthropologie. The beautifully painted imagery and the stunning color palettes are the reasons why Tara is in high demand! Her favorite show is Antiques Roadshow and if she weren’t an illustrator, she’d be a treasure hunter. Read more about Tara here.



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Hsinping’s 2018 Calendar

Hsinping writes:

“Hi Lilla,
I want to share my 2018 calendar with you.It’s a collaboration with a letterpress studio in Taiwan named “Peperworks.” 2018 is the year of Dog, so I created this little doggy named ”Candy” and 12 yummy desserts. It’s printed in 3 colors and it comes with a wood stand. I am really happy with the outcome and hope you like it too! Wish you all have a sweet 2018!”


Check out some sweet products we’ve done. Art makes everything better.

We love receiving samples of products my artists have been commissioned to illustrate. I thought you’d like to see some of them.

Clockwise, from top left: Rebecca Jones, Terri Fry Kasuba, Sarah Walsh, Mike Lowery, Suzy Ultman, Hsinping Pan.

Check out our artists’ portfolios here.




Suzy Ultman for Crate & Barrel

Seriously, I have been licensing art for plates for many years and these are maybe the best ones I’ve seen. By Suzy Ultman for Crate & Barrel.

those eyeglasses…

Suzy has been commissioned to do ornaments for Crate for several years. Why? They are cool and they sell. Let her make your product or magazine shine. Contact us to license, buy or
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What Makes A Great Product?

What makes a great product?
Strong contrast helps the product stand apart.
Gorgeous color palette is a must.
The imagery is easy to ‘read’ quickly.
The artist’s style is distinctive and exceptional.

Here, you see excellent examples of the above, by our artists. Enjoy.

Suzy Ultman  

Kate Mason

Sarah Walsh

Flora Waycott

Suzy Ultman

Sarajo Frieden

See tons more products here!



Carolyn Gavin’s Home Decor Collection

It’s so rewarding to see our artists’ work come to life! Here’s our artist Carolyn Gavin’s gorgeous home decor line for TAG, Ltd.  She has such a masterful loose paint style and adorable quirky lettering. Carolyn created this delightful art in the Make Art That Sells: Creating Collections for Home Decor course.  Lilla co-teaches this class with esteemed colleague Creative Director Margo Tantau.
Artists: This is our LAST session we will be running live. This is your chance to get your work in front of a top art agent and creative director. Class starts today on Monday, August 7th. Don’t miss this opportunity! Sign up here.
Here’s the art board Carolyn designed in our Creating Collections for Home Decor class. We pitched it to TAG, Ltd. and they snapped it up:
Ta da! We’re crazy about this collection that TAG Ltd. created from Carolyn Gavin’s work from her presentation. In fact, that cup on the upper left is on Lilla’s desk holding her pencils.

Check out more terrific products Carolyn has with Anthropologie:

Art directors: See more of Carolyn’s gorgeous work here.
Join Lilla this Wednesday, August 9th at 1:30pm ET on the Make Art That Sells Facebook page to get help with your first class assignment.
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The Studio Ladies


See how Zoe uses an inky pen and quirky lettering in her art.

I’m delighted to show you our artist  Zoe Ingram’s fresh new Home Decor line for Creative Co-Op! This very cool collection was created in my Make Art That Sells Home Decor Course.  I love her fine inky line and charming lettering. It’s so rewarding to see our artists’ work come to life.

Art Board designed by Zoe Ingram in my Creating Collections for Home Decor class.

See more of Zoe’s work here.

photos by Creative Co-Op


The Studio Ladies


Katie Vernon’s Home Decor Collection with Anthropologie

Sometimes one of my artists will do work that they love, either in my courses or just for the pure joy of it. The cool part is seeing the variety of products the art ends up on when we pitch it to various companies. Teepees for Anthropolgie by Katie Vernon? Yeah.


This is the magical piece that Katie did in my home decor course. She is the queen of pretty greys and watery blue greens.

Art Board designed by Katie Vernon in my Creating Collections Home Decor class
Lookin’ for some great art? Contact us to license, buy or commission art for your fabulous project. We are happy to help you!

Jessica Allen’s New Home Decor Collection. Farm House Vibes.

Take a look at Jessica Allen’s beautifully painted home decor line for Creative Co-Op. She created this work in our Make Art That Sells Home Decor course. It’s so rewarding to see artists’ work come to life. The next class starts Monday, August 7th. I’m eager to see what new art comes out of it.
Below you can see Jessica’s work from class and the charming products that were made from her art. First, here’s the art board designed by our artist Jessica in our Creating Collections Home Decor class:


Check out these delightful plates that Jessica got as a result of her classwork.

See more of Jessica’s collection here.

Here’s another stunning art board that Jessica did in my class. I love her use of black.
…and ta da! Here are the gorgeous pillows that Creative Co-Op made from her art:

Art Directors: Lookin’ for some great art? Contact us to license, buy or commission art for your fabulous project. We are happy to help you!
The Studio Ladies