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WebinART #11 with illustrator Kelly Anne Dalton

August 13th, 2020 – Webinar #11 with artist Kelly Anne Dalton

Hear how Kelly Anne’s past as an off-Broadway star at the age of 17 still influences her work, and how she has traded sprinting for endurance running in life, as well as in art.
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Password: 51Zfn7.f


WebinART #10 with our newest artist Janie Secker!

July 30th, 2020 — WebinART#10 with Illustrator Janie Secker

We had the pleasure of getting to know our newest represented artist Janie Secker, in #10 in our series of WebinARTs. If you missed it, you can see Janie’s absolutely stunning work, hear about her process, and how MATS let her blossom into be the artist she is today.

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WebinART #9 with illustrator Julia Christians

July 23rd, 2020 — WebinART#9 with Illustrator Julia Christians

#9 in our ongoing WebinART series features our fabulous artist Julia Christians. Watch the replay to learn how Julia got her first children’s book gig (Hint: Make Art That Sells plays a part!) and has since gone on to be one of our most in-demand illustrators.

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Password: s68@=AFn


WebinART #8 with illustrator Sarah Papworth

July 9th, 2020 — WebinART#8 with Illustrator Sarah Papworth

Webinar #8 in our series features our successful artist Sarah Papworth. Watch the replay to hear about Sarah’s process combining traditional and digital media, and how she creates jaw-dropping portraits, distinctive hand lettering, and more.

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Password : 8R?K4=+9


WebinART #7 with illustrator Anke Rega

June 18th, 2020 — WebinART#7 with Illustrator Anke Rega

#7 in our series of WebinARTs features our artist Anke Rega. Watch the replay to see Anke’s gorgeous watercolor work, hear about her mindfulness practice and learn how she vibes the coolest jobs!

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Password : 2g*=w&85


WebinART #6 with illustrator Sarah Walsh

June 11th, 2020 — WebinART#6 with Illustrator Sarah Walsh

You’ll want to be sure to watch our latest WebinART!
Lilla chats with her artist Sarah Walsh about her compelling and beautiful art and how she is responding to the BLM movement personally and through her work. An emotional, uplifting, and thoroughly honest discussion.

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WebinART #5 with illustrator Kendra Binney

May 28, 2020 – WebinART#5 with Guest Artist Kendra Binney

In the 5th episode of our WebinART series, Lilla spoke with painter-turned-illustrator Kendra Binney. They chatted about how Kendra creates her layered ethereal paintings, how she is managing to work at home with her 2 year old during the pandemic, and more. An inspiring discussion!

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Password: 6o@!8+38


WebinART #4 with illustrator Sarajo Frieden

May 21, 2020 – WebinART #4 with illustrator Sarajo Frieden

Did you miss our WebinART with the brilliant Sarajo Frieden? Lilla and Sarajo chatted about maintaining freshness throughout a career that spans decades, and how Sarajo has preserved her unique voice through gallery work and commercial work alike.
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Password: 9I$.U3$1


WebinART #3 with Lilla’s Artists Residency participants: Bambi Ramsey, Erica Root, Kelly Anne Dalton, Kendra Binney, Mara Penny, Katie Vernon

May 14, 2020 – WebinART #3 with Lilla’s Artists Residency participants: Bambi Ramsey, Erica Root, Kelly Anne Dalton, Kendra Binney, Mara Penny, Katie Vernon

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Password: 5L!074g!

Our 3rd WebinART in the series was a very special one, featuring 6 artists who are attending Lilla’s Artists Residency this week. The artists are spending the entire week developing brand new picture book ideas, under Lilla’s mentorship. They are using the structure of Lilla’s new class My Kid Book Pitch which launches on Make Art That Sells in October.

You won’t want to miss this one!


WebinART #2 with illustrator Katie Vernon

May 7, 2020 – WebinART #2 with illustrator Katie Vernon

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Password: 3G#a#6n^

Lilla chats with Katie about her stellar career making art in her eccentric style, what she’s working on right now, her favorite illustration project, and her creative process. Katie also reveals how her previous work as a florist influenced her illustration!

Enjoy :)