The Latest Update

We’re absolutely delighted to announce our newest artist,

We first noticed Erica’s work in MATS classes,
where her distinctive style showcasing soft textures, rich colors
and distinctive lettering stood her apart.
We took her on for several reasons. In addition to being able
to illustrate incredible children’s books with appealing characters,
we can envision her powerful editorial work gracing the pages of magazines and websites.
Get to know Erica and her amazing work!
As always, contact us to assign or license–we’re happy to help!

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We love showing you the latest and greatest by our artists. In this edition: a dragon, two unicorns, mermaids, a sloth, a wolf, and we think it’s a yeti. Plus lots of gorgeous lettering. Contact us to assign or license–we’re happy to help!   Kelly Anne Dalton Animation by Natasha Dewitz   Rebecca Jones Galison/Mudpuppy […]

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I’m happy to show you a few favorite pieces by my artists: from body-positivity yoga people, to a big-eyed cat for a board book, to painting on leather. Enjoy! Contact us to assign or license–we’re happy to help!   Katie Vernon Animation by Natasha Dewitz I love the cool body positivity people illustrated by Katie […]

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