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Sarah Walsh
for Compendium

IMG_5816 2

Carolyn Gavin
for Paper + Goods


Helen Dardik


Terri Fry Kasuba


Rebecca Jones


Tara Lilly
for Anthropologie


Anne Bentley

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We do have our share of fun around here; we enjoy a crafter-noon every so often. Here I am in the dress I sewed using a print of Helen Dardik‘s. Here’s how it went down: our artists send us their personal pieces as they create them so that we can show them to our lovely clients, […]

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Our Global Talent Search is in full swing, with over 1,400 artists participating! We’re reviewing the work just in from the first challenge and we’re narrowing down the selections to the 50 top images. It’s exciting, thought-provoking and riveting as we study each image and dig into plenty of websites. It’s how we pick our artists, and we’ve […]

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