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Our 2nd Annual Menagerie is now live! It’s a cornucopia of fresh, new artwork our amazing artists have created from trend boards that Lilla made just for this event, around the themes art directors request most often.
Art Directors: Check your email for the log-in to the Menagerie or contact us!


Zoë Ingram


Anne Bentley


Sarah Walsh


Hsinping Pan


Mara Penny


Sarah Walsh


Katie Vernon

Menagerie teaser square live now-01

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Let’s chat about how my artist Anne Bentley paints portraits so beautifully. She includes only the essential qualities of likeness and leaves out extraneous stuff. There’s a kind of visual efficiency. But then, she goes full-on decorative in the background to tell the rest of the story. Here, she paints the distinctive features of beloved […]

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Here’s one of the reasons that I love being an agent. My artists make cards for me for my birthday, and I wanted to share a few of them with you because they deserve to be shared! Hope you enjoy them. Clairice Gifford   Marenthe   Mara Penny   Katie Vernon   Rebecca Jones   […]

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