The Latest Update

We’re delighted to present to you our newest artist…
(drum roll please!)
We fell in love with Kelly Anne Dalton’s work when she was a student in Lilla’s Make Art That Sells children’s book courses, where her work made it into many of Lilla’s reviews.
We look forward to working with her!
Congratulations and welcome, Kelly Anne!

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We love photographing our artists’ illustrated products as they come in. Hope you enjoy them! Plus, our big news is…we have taken on a new artist! I scooped her up from seeing her work in my MATS courses over the years. Her work has a fresh look and was often was selected to be in […]

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As you may know, I’ve loved teaching for over 40 years–at art schools, in my Studio, mentoring my artists, and for the past six years, on my site Make Art That Sells. I’m at the stage in my career where I want to help our community. I believe that growing the quality of work in […]

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