Maria Gabriela Gama

I'm a Brazilian illustrator who loves everything colorful. I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, but I got to turn my passion for illustration into my career! When I'm not drawing I might be watching cartoons or playing farming games.





Where do you live?
I currently live in Bauru, a countryside city in São Paulo state, Brazil.

Where have you lived?
I was actually born and raised in São Vicente, coastside of São Paulo state. I like the countryside but I do miss the beach!

What medium do you use?
I work in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom tablet.

How do you stay inspired?
I consume a lot of media, movies, videos, music, so they always feed me some kind of inspiration. My small office is surrounded by art and books from illustrators I admire, and that also gives me a lot of inspiration! Other than that, I feel really inspired when I get to walk at the park and observe nature.

Do you work traditionally or digitally?
Mostly digitally but when I feel like it, I do a few roughs and sketches on paper.

What color combination are you most excited about right now?
I’m loving orange, green and purple (very Halloween-ish, right? But I’m loving to use that on a lot of things!). I love the earthiness and warmness of the oranges and greens, and the purples give a magical touch.

Why do you like being an illustrator in 15 words or less?
Doing what you love for a living is the best feeling in the world.

If you weren’t an illustrator, what would you be?
I quit my job a few years ago to pursue my career as an illustrator. So I think I’d still be working as a Graphic Designer, most likely in the advertising industry. I can’t imagine myself not being in the creative field.

What illustration job would you love to get (your dream job)?
Any job where I get to represent different cultures and people is my favorite job!

Name something you do in your spare time.
Nowadays I love to play cute farming games like Stardew Valley. The soundtrack is so relaxing!

Where would you like to travel to next?
I’d love to go to Egypt to see the pyramids, and Italy to visit all the art museums there.

What’s your favorite movie?
I wouldn’t say I have an ultimate favorite, but one I love since its release is Coco. It’s so strikingly beautiful and colorful. I’m not Mexican but I can relate so much to the characters, it’s amazing. I cried like a baby watching it, haha.

If you could name a nail polish, what would you name it?
Something like ‘Glitter bomb’. It’s not a clever name, but I really love sparkly, holographic and glittery nail polish. If I’m wearing it, you won’t see me without a coat of glitter.

Do you wear shoes when you do art?
I live in a hot country, so one of the perks of working from home is not wearing shoes, haha. I just wear flip flops all day, and the socks+flip flop combo in winter time.

What do you listen to while you work?
It depends on my mood. I might watch someone playing games on Youtube, true crime documentaries, or I’ll be listening to upbeat music.

If you could eat only one food, what would it be?
Definitely sushi!

How do you stay in shape?
I follow video workouts or, my favorite, dance workouts. I also like to take a walk at the park.

How don’t you stay in shape?
Cakes and sweets in general really don’t make it easy to stay in shape.

What is your current favorite font?
One of my favorites is Billy!

How do you take your coffee?
I love me some cappuccino.

Client List

American Greetings
Capstone Publishers
Cottage Door Press
Editions Auzou
Educational Insights
Galena Country Tourism
Scholastic Inc
Sun Kissed Press

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