What Our Clients Say

Some Feedback from our clients

“You ladies know that I am a HUGE fan of your studio! So happy I got to work with your team.”
Alianna Deters, Art Director, Publix Supermarkets

“Lilla Rogers Studio is innovative, unique, on the cutting edge, interesting, loyal, friendly, colorful, trend-setting, fresh & fun! Lilla and her team embody what is important in great design. They provide limitless possibility & potential for great products because Lilla has collected, nurtured and trained an amazing team of artists. They’re not afraid to put forward interesting & game-changing design because they’ve put their own spirit into it every time. Lilla is committed to changing the game in favor of great design with the utmost of integrity. “
Margo Tantau, VP of Creative, Midwest CBK

“Lilla, Susan, Joanne, Reine and the entire Lilla Rogers team are knowledgeable, creative, and inspiring. They represent a wealth of talented creatives.”
Jessica Saint Jean, Art Coordinator, Candlewick Press

“The Lilla Rogers Studio is a visual cornucopia of amazing talent! Lilla and the studio ladies are constantly inspiring their illustrators and therefore innovating in an ever-changing market. A great go-to agency for a fresh approach.”
Kristen Nobles, Art Director, Candlewick Press

“Lilla Rogers Studio is a buzzing hive of talent, populated with brilliant artists with unique visions, yet all sharing the verve, style, and panache of their namesake mentor and leader, Lilla Rogers. Doing projects with Lilla’s top-notch professional team is always easy—and often as fun as an all-night art party!”
Mary Ann Hall, Executive Editor, Quarry Press

“I had such a wonderful time at the 2016 Lilla Rogers studio retreat. All of the programming was in a boathouse on a beautiful lake, so the setting couldn’t have been lovelier. The artists there were warm and so, so talented. I loved getting to know them all during the “speed dating” session but also loved just chatting over delicious catered meals and art projects. And I loved talking shop with the excellent faculty. It’s worth the trip just to see Lilla’s gorgeous home—it’s bright with a garden overflowing with flowers, exactly as you’d imagine it would be. I’m looking forward to going back one day!”
—Ariel Richardson, Children’s Editor, Chronicle Books

“I attended Lilla Rogers Studio Artists retreat last year. It was wonderful to meet all of the talented artists who work with Lilla Rogers. They are an amazing group of people. I was able to get to know them in the lovely setting of Lilla’s home and the Medford Yacht Club. What a treat! I brought samples and told them more about what I look for as an Art Buyer working in a wholesale environment. In addition, it gave me the opportunity to meet one-on-one with each artist and to really understand their style. This gave me a head start when it came time to purchase art for our next season. It was also great to meet Lilla in person and the wonderful team that works with her. My company is family owned and I enjoy having a personal relationship with the artists and studios I work with. The Artists Retreat made this possible.”
Beth Strever, TAG Ltd.