What Our Artists Say

Rebecca Jones

“It’s an honour to be part of the wonderful LRS family. Lilla and the studio ladies have been a positive influence on me since I first joined the studio and I’m now working with a number of clients that I secretly dreamed of—from amazing greetings collections to gorgeous glassware designs. They truly know their stuff and are a joy to work with.”
Rachael Taylor

“I love the support I get from the ladies of LRS. It is great to have agents to find me great jobs and do the business end of things while I can focus my extra time to make new art.”
Tara Lilly

“The LRS agency is constantly in the forefront of discovering new areas of opportunities for its illustrators—whether in packaging, toys, textiles, home decor or you name it!”
Sarajo Frieden

“With a good agency, you feel like you’re part of a community, rather than struggling alone. They offer support and encouragement, see your work afresh, and therefore can make valuable suggestions and judgments. When the standard of work of the other illustrators that are represented is high, it can challenge you to produce new and (hopefully) ever improving work. Most importantly, an agent frees you up to concentrate primarily on creating work (which is what we tend to be best at and enjoy most) and removes many of the day to day pressures of looking for work, negotiating fees and contracts, etc.”
Trina Dalziel

“I value immensely the feedback and encouragement I get from my agent.
For me, she’s a source of inspiration and positive energy.”
Jessica Allen