Lilla glasses hi res

Lilla’s love for art inspired her to pursue a degree in fine art in San Francisco and a second degree in illustration, and to launch a fruitful illustration career in New York City in the ’80s. But it was the entrepreneurial gene she inherited from her parents that led her into the agency business. Lilla has the extraordinary ability to recognize new artistic trends as well as technology developments that allow illustration to morph and take on a new life.

Today, Lilla continues to act on her entrepreneurial urges through her latest studio projects, including launching a floral-inspired jewelry, scrapbooking, and embellishment collection, and a home décor collection. Her book, I Just Like to Make Things, is a top-seller in Business of Art on Amazon.
Several design publications and blogs have interviewed Lilla for her expertise as an agent, trendsetter, and artist. Lilla has also lectured internationally at conferences and trade shows—such as the Illustration Conference (ICON), PrintsourceNewYork, and Surtex—and at colleges and corporations. She is available for speaking engagements. Contact us for more information.

Lilla has partnered with highly regarded producer Beth Kempton to offer a hugely popular series of online courses, called Make Art That Sells, which supplement Lilla’s book with assignments and inspiration for each of ten hot markets. Global Talent Search is their latest venture, where the winner of a series of challenges wins representation with Lilla Rogers Studio and a number of licenses with top companies! See our Winners here!