A ton of new products by my artists–wine labels, sassy oven mitts, drawing books…

Today I’m delighted to show you a few of the latest products by my artists–an illustrated wine label, a sassy potholder, a drawing book, bunny enamel plates, and more. Enjoy the show! See more of our artists’ products here.

A divided plate by the inimitable Helen Dardik

Look what I spotted at Whole Foods! These charmers are by Rebecca Jones.

This gem is just out, illustrated by Mara Penny.


Sarah Walsh writes, “Hooray! My book PEOPLE in the Playful Painting series with @quartocreates debuts today! Each drawing has seven steps with micro steps within to give more detail and direction. If “people drawing” intimidates you I do think this is THE book for you. It’s straightforward and lighthearted in its tone. There are additional tips on simple painting techniques. And the subjects vary. There are famous people like Edgar Allan Poe and people from my imagination like 80s girl. Of course 🌈💙 This was my first writing experience with a book so that was a cool learning experience. Words don’t come as easy as pictures so it was a bit challenging 😬 A shout out and a thank you to my editor Annika! 💙 I’ll be sharing some vids of the inside soon so stay tuned ✨”

These just arrived from Creative Co-op! We are thrilled with Zoe Ingram‘s newest home decor collection.

Check out that watering can in the background.


Sassy oven mitt by Anne Bentleyfor BlueQ

Lovely wine label by Carolyn Gavin

A stunning cover by Clairice Gifford with embossing and even gold foil!


The six super amazing Finalists are this very moment working on their final assignment! Stay tuned: We announce our Global Talent Search winner Friday, August 17th, so be sure to watch your inbox for our giant news of the year.


Speaking of our artists, these two sassy lasses met me for lunch recently in San Francisco when I was filming my new course for Creativebug. More on that later.

Me at Creative Bug

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Why I love creative business. A new podcast and a new badass course

It was about 6 years ago that Beth Kempton and I first talked about doing a course together. That was the dinosaur age of online courses. Now, years later, with students from over 80 countries, we have a robust course business called Make Art That Sells that we love working on together. Beth is remarkable; she is a producer, an author, a podcaster, and a fluent Japanese speaker, among other things.
We get into some serious mischief on this podcast. I hope you’ll give it a listen.
I’m very excited to announce our latest course. A year in the making, and from four decades of personal experience as a serial entrepreneur, this course is jam-packed with everything I can possibly think of to help you thrive as a creative entrepreneur. Add in Beth’s rich experience as an award winning entrepreneur and author, and you’ve got a recipe for some badass success! Join us as we teach our newest course together. This intensive, live course starts August 13th.

While technological advances have given us access to swathes of information and new ways of working, the world still needs unique human voices in creativity. The savviest creatives have unprecedented opportunities to monetize their talents and rock it out as business owners.


Our ecourse students were constantly asking us for a business course, but not a boring, stuffy, drab kind of business course. So we created this MBA(Money BadAss)course. It’s about taking your passions and making money in the same cool way that you make your art or craft.
With cool arty worksheets, live videos, beautifully designed downloadables, and much more, this is a course that guides you step by step to create the business you want. I hope to see you in class.

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Co-Founder, Make Art That Sells courses

Who will be our next represented artist? Announcing the 2018 GTS Finalists!

Announcing the 2018 GTS Finalists

The judges and the people have spoken! The competition was intense, with judges telling us that it was challenging to select a mere five artists from such an incredible pool of work.

We’re delighted to now reveal the 2018 Global Talent Search Finalists, chosen from the 50 Semi-Finalists (who were selected from over 1,200 artists’ work).

Five artists were chosen by our panel of VIP industry experts, and one was chosen by public vote (our People’s Choice Winner).

The overall competition winner will be represented by Lilla Rogers Studio and will be flown from their home city to our Artists and VIP Retreat in September!

Click here to view the Finalists!


Over 10,000 votes were cast by the public, and we can now reveal that the 2018 Global Talent Search People’s Choice Finalist is. See the People’s Choice Finalist here.

Read the next steps in the competition here.



Finalist 1 (The People’s Choice and Judge’s choice): Åsa Gilland, Sweden

MATS Student since 2014

The People’s Choice Finalist Åsa was also one of the five Finalists chosen by the judges. As per our rules, this allowed the judges’ sixth choice to also join the group of Finalists, and we are delighted with our top six, who will now take on one more assignment to try to win the title of Lilla Rogers Studio Global Talent Search Winner 2018.


Here’s what one of our GTS judges had to say about Åsa’s GTS submission:

‘I love her style – it is loose and organic yet detailed. Her people have personality and unique looks. I like that she did not format this piece in little blocks like so many others.’



Finalist 2: Jennifer Potter, San Francisco, California

MATS Student since 2017



Here’s what one of our GTS judges had to say about Jennifer’s GTS submission:

‘Jennifer Potter: great layout, smart inclusion of the hands, theme tied into every element, including the rope frames. Love the limited palette. In an instant, I knew this was about a few people, a boat, and was from the past. Great skills in scenes, people, and objects.’



Finalist 3: Kendra Binney, Portland, Oregon

MATS Student since 2014


Here’s what one of our GTS judges had to say about Kendra’s GTS submission:

‘Kendra Binney’s Birdsong was a standout. I loved it from first glance before I even began reading. The art is really striking and appealing and fresh, the color use is lovely, and the storytelling is superb.’



Finalist 4: Sarah Papworth, West Midlands, United Kingdom

MATS Student since 2015



Here’s what one of our GTS judges had to say about Sarah’s GTS submission:

‘Her journal took my breath away, and this assignment was amazing. The lettering. the tonal quality, the details, the story. But most of ALL, it’s her vast portfolio that has such differentiation within it. Her piece has style, finesse, variety, great lettering, and solid talent.’



Finalist 5: Anke Rega, Berlin, Germany

MATS Student since 2016



Here’s what one of our GTS judges had to say about Anke’s GTS submission:

‘The color palette is very appealing and the way she decorated the interior showed that she’s tapped into trends.’



Finalist 6: Julia Christians, The Harz Mountains, Germany

MATS Student since 2017



Here’s what one of our GTS judges had to say about Julia’s GTS submission:

‘I want to work with her! What else can I say? I like the energy in her work, the humour in her characters. She would work for picture books and middle-grade fiction.’



To all those that participated in the competition this year, a big giant THANK YOU for being a part of it!

Stay tuned to find out who will win the competition!

The 2018 Global Talent Search winner will be announced on lillarogers.com on August 17th!


Vote Now! Announcing the GTS Semi-finalists’ work for assignment #2

Our Global Talent Search is in full swing. It’s an incredibly exciting time over here at the Studio. Who will be our next artist?
The 50 Semi-Finalists were announced two weeks ago and then were given my Assignment #2 to challenge them further. They’ve just finished the assignment, and now we’d love you to vote on your choices.
At the same time, our esteemed panel of VIP judges will go in and privately select their top five favorites.
The gallery closes for voting at 9am PDT / 12 noon EDT / 5pm BST on Monday, July 30th.

The assignment was to create a graphic novel page around two characters and some odd vintage items (a riverboat cruise postcard, a laundry matchbook, etc.)

How to vote:
Go to the gallery, click the magnifying glass on the image(s) you’d like to vote for, and click the “VOTE” button underneath the image. Each person who votes will be able to submit 5 votes.
GTS glasses
I hope you enjoyed the show! Want great art for you project? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to hear from you for any of your art needs. Susan and Joanne are standing by!
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See my new Helen Dardik dress! And new projects by our artists.

We do have our share of fun around here; we enjoy a crafter-noon every so often. Here I am in the dress I sewed using a print of Helen Dardik‘s.
Here’s how it went down: our artists send us their personal pieces as they create them so that we can show them to our lovely clients, and when Helen sent us this print, I immediately wanted it for a dress, and so I asked her if I could get the fabric made on Spoonflower. The rest is history.
Those lanterns way in the back are by Helen Dardik for BlueQ. (I’d give you the link but they aren’t available anymore. They were made a long time ago.)

Here are Flora Waycott’s lovely line drawings in Flow Magazine’s new book, 50 Ways to Draw Your Ordinary Life.

Check out this spread showing Carolyn Gavin‘s work table in Flow Magazine’s new book, 50 Ways to Draw Your Ordinary Life.

Marenthe has a way of being magical and sweet at the same time. This was commissioned for a calendar for Amber Lotus.


This just in! Rebecca Jones‘ lovely paintings for magnetic puzzles Mudpuppy/Chronicle Books.


Want to keep up with our Global Talent Search? Follow the action on Instagram here.

GTS glasses



How I’ll pick my next artist for representation

Our Global Talent Search is in full swing, with over 1,400 artists participating! We’re reviewing the work just in from the first challenge and we’re narrowing down the selections to the 50 top images. It’s exciting, thought-provoking and riveting as we study each image and dig into plenty of websites. It’s how we pick our artists, and we’ve loved doing it since 2013. Read more about it here.

There are so many factors in selecting our next artist. In this first round, we study the entry plus, if we like what we see, we go on to view the artist’s website.
What do we look for? We look for a fairly large body of work in a consistent style. That doesn’t mean that everything in the portfolio should look the same; as a matter of fact, we don’t want to see that. A variety of color palettes, moods, and even media appeals to us as our client base has varied needs.
We look for strong drawing ability–in any style–and a body of work containing a rich variety of imagery. Can the artist draw lots of stuff? A plus is strong lettering and the ability to draw faces and the figure. And finally, do we feel that the style will pull work? Will our clients respond favorably? In a sense, we try to be mind-readers.
Stay tuned. Over the next several weeks, you’ll see our top 50 Semi-Finalists, our 6 Finalists, and then the Winner.
Read more about our competition here.
Here’s Flora Waycott’s wonderful work in Flow Magazine’s new book, 50 Ways to Draw Your Ordinary Life.

New! We love this playful toddler quilt by our artist Carolyn Gavin for Anthropologie.

Below: I’m nuts about Tara Lilly‘s hand-painted moth on this wood slice resting on a swatch of fabric she did for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

This just in! Rebecca Jones‘ lovely paintings for a memory match game for Mudpuppy/Chronicle Books.

I hope you enjoyed the show! Want great art for you project? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to hear from you for any of your art needs. Susan and Joanne are standing by!

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New! We love this playful toddler quilt by our artist Carolyn Gavin for Anthropologie.New! We love this playful toddler quilt by our artist Carolyn Gavin for Anthropologie.SaveSave





Lots of new books and meet the artists

There’s nothing like illustrating a book or a magazine; it’s wonderful to sink into a manuscript. Today I want to show you work that our artists have done. Enjoy! We’re happy to help you find the right illustrator for your project.

Here’s a lovely illustration by Trina Dalziel for BHG Secrets of Getting Organized Special Interest Publication.

Meet Sarah Walsh

Sarah says, “I dream of owning a time machine someday but until then I enjoy cinnamon rolls, animals, art making, world culture, vintage children’s books, music & coffee.”

Meet Anne Bentley

Meet Tara Lilly

“I am inspired by something new everyday. I love to thrift shop, go to the library, or take walks in nature to get inspired,” says Tara.

Meet Flora Waycott

Flora says, “If I weren’t creating art I would love to own a cafe and tea shop, filled with flower posies and vegetables from the garden.”

Yes! Our Global Talent Search is back! Check out our top VIP judges.

Find out more here. Sign-up ends June 21st and my first assignment is released June 25!



Meet the artists and a whole bunch of gorgeous pictures. Plus the GTS is back!

Check out a pile of gorgeous products illustrated by my artists. Enjoy! Let’s get some art onto your projects.

Meet Hsinping Pan


                                                        Little faces amidst Hsinping’s sweet alphabet


Meet Helen Dardik

Helen Dardik’s recent luscious pattern

Meet Daniel Roode

Daniel Roode’s charming illustrations for Éditions Milan

This lovely coloring book comes with a CD.

Daniel’s delightful characters are why he gets so many children’s book illustration commissions.

Daniel Roode says, “I try to get to nature as much as possible, meditate, day dream, collect toys and records. My heart and soul are baked in all things vintage except for making most of my art on the computer.”


Meet Terri Fry Kasuba


We asked Terri to paint more of her pets in t-shirts and this is what we got. We heart her.

Terri says, “The words I try to live by are ‘Don’t let fear get in the way. Take that first step and do it!’
Unless you are thinking of skydiving then definitely don’t do it…”
Yes! Our Global Talent Search is back! Check out our top VIP judges. The winner will join me for our Retreat right here in my garden and at the boat club. Find out more here. Sign-up ends soon and my first assignment is released June 25!

Above: Katie Vernon and Marenthe at last year’s retreat.
Above: Sarah Walsh.





Just in! Wanna see some new gorgeous things?

I love nothing more than sharing photos of our artists’ products with you.

Look what came in today! First up is ‘Blanks So Much!’, a fill-in-the-blank notecard set and cloth pencil pouch by Sarah Walsh for Compendium. That fill-in-the-blank idea is brilliant, and I sure wish I had this when my kids were little.

Sarah’s newest book
Speaking of Sarah, you can pre-order her next book here. We’re pretty excited about it.


Now that my garden is in bloom, I love to add all kinds of flowers to the product shots. Which is fun. Somehow the flowers are a nice foil to the products.
Here’s Rebecca Jones‘ charmingly illustrated boxed set for Papyrus. I particularly love the patterns.

Want to see me review artists’ websites? Learn all my top tips. Come hear me chat about my newest course on Friday or sign up here! Class starts Monday!
Get great art for you project! Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to hear from you for any of your art needs. Susan and Joanne are standing by!
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P. S. Read what our clients have to say about working with our agency here!





Surtex Recap! See who came to the booth.

Guess what? This may have been our best Surtex show ever. We were delighted to chat with so many art directors. Honestly, there’s nothing like human contact. I adored seeing so many of my Make Art That Sells students, too.
Look who showed up!
We were delighted that a bunch of our artists came to Surtex including Carolyn Gavin (left) and Helen Dardik (right).


We loved every single time a client came to the booth. It was like a party. Here are Tracy Shaw and Stephanie Yang of James Patterson Books. See the books we’ve illustrated here.


Shelves full of products
We had fun styling the shelves full of our products. It’s a great way to give an instant vibe of our studio.


We had three dozen luscious portfolio books to show. Didn’t make the show? Peruse the goodness here.

Thought you’d like to see the show after we tore down the booth, lol.

Our new tote bags
We gave out our newest tote bags. Left, Marenthe; Right, Clairice Gifford for my Drawing Faces course.