Month: November 2012


Jillian’s latest, greatest work

See more of Jillian’s work here.


Susy Pilgrim Waters’s local gift shows

Lots of Susy Pilgrim Waters’s goodies! Plus Diane Bigda will be at the one in Newton. – Julia


Two LRS artists featured on the Land of Nod newsletter

Sarajo and Suzy were featured in yesterday’s Land of Nod Newsletter. We are so excited and proud of them! – Julia


Better Bean packaging illustrations by Jon Cannell

Jon writes:
“Hi Lilla,
Better Bean Company launched their new packaging and web site with a illustration that I completed a few months ago. Now that the product is out I can finally show the work. The illustration was used for the web site as well as the side panel of the new packaging. There are several symbols in the illustration including the Three Sisters which in Native American culture represent the three agricultural crops (squash, maize and beans). It was great to work with Keith Kullberg who is very passionate about beans and healthy living. They sell at healthy grocery stores such as PCC Natural Markets and Whole Foods Market and at Wegmans in your area. I hope you get a chance to try them!”


Trina’s work for Bulletin

Trina writes:

“Hi Lilla

Each month I illustrate the opinion column in the UK journal Bulletin which is the short name for The Official Magazine of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

I love illustrating for specialist and trade magazines as often the text is very dense and sometimes dry and uses language specific to it’s field…so I have to go away and look the occasional word up and find things out. I love getting a glimpse into a world that can be very known to it’s readers but new and unknown to me.

In Bulletin some of the articles are taken from research papers others are sometimes personal stories from the speech therapists or their service users. The second type tend to stay with me longer – like the one about a man with a stutter whose career advisor’s only advice was to apply for jobs that wouldn’t involve speaking….after a few years he took no notice and went on to have a very successful career (the illustration of boy on a ladder).”


Rachael Taylor’s giveaway

Rachael writes:

“Over the next week we are hosting a FREE GIVEAWAY to celebrate one month since our brand new online shop launched! The offer will include a selection of the Rachael Taylor Designs* branded products from the shop worth £60! (You get to choose the products that you want). Click here to find out more about the giveaway & see below for examples of products that could be included in this exciting offer!”


Jennifer Judd-McGee’s products for Land of Nod

Jennifer writes:

“Hi Lilla,
I am excited to share a few projects I did with Land of Nod that are now available!
Twelve Bar Blues Bedding features a floral design from my sketchbook turned into a fun repeat for sheet sets.
I also designed a tree skirt for them which features a wintery community scene embroidered onto linen.
I love working with Land of Nod and appreciate the quality of their products, which are definitely not just for kids!”


Land of Nod Holiday pop-up shop!

Sarajo writes:

“Dear All,
Land of Nod has opened a beautiful holiday pop-up shop at 136 Prince St. in SoHo (Nov. 2 to Dec. 31) It looks enchanting! Many thanks to Libby Wienke at Land of Nod for snapping this pic! If you’re ini New York, I suggest you make a beeline to see it lickety-split!”

Picture below is from the LON blog of Sarajo’s dolls


Buy Art and support the American Red Cross

For the month of November, iolabs will donate 20% of all paper cuts sales to the American Red Cross to aid those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Click here to visit the paper cuts store.


Design*Sponge Scholarships

Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge writes:
“Amid the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and the political tension that’s floating around, I feel incredibly fortunate- and excited- to have a bright spot to focus on today: The 2012 Design*Sponge Scholarship is here! Since 2007 I’ve been organizing this scholarship as a way to celebrate and support the next generation of up and coming artists and designers. These are the people who are destined to inspire us for years to come and I want to do everything I can to help these talented young people across the globe follow their dreams and have the funds and support they need to make their biggest visions a reality.

This year, with the help of our sponsors, we’re offering $10,500 in no-strings-attached financial awards to Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students and….High School Students! This year I felt it was important to reach out a little further and try to tap into the incredible well of talent that has yet to enter higher education. And, with the reality of a tough economy and high art school costs looming over everyone, I thought it was more important than ever to support and celebrate students who may not have the option to go on to study at the college level. So I’m thrilled to invite not just graduate and undergraduate students to enter this year, but high school students across the globe as well. Here are this year’s details:

We will be awarding NINE prizes:

Undergraduate Student Awards: 1st Place ($2,500), 2nd Place ($1,500), 3rd Place ($750), and 4th Place ($250)

Graduate Student Awards: 1st Place ($2,500) 2nd Place ($1,500) 3rd Place ($750) 4th Place ($250)

High School Student Award: A $500 award will be given to the most promising High School Applicant.

The scholarship is open to any art & design students (international students are welcome!) that are currently enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program or a high school program (Proof of enrollment is required). Please note: all payments will be made in US dollars.



A big thank you to our sponsors this year: O’More College of Design (Donating $5,000), West Elm (Donating $3,00), Brika(Donating $2,000) and Parsons (Donating our $500 High School Student Award)

Scholarship logo by David Saracino”