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We Love Paint. We Love Line.

Looking to assign some stunning art? We’ve got some gorgeous eye candy for you. These artists know their way around paint and ink line.


Jessica Allen for Make Art That Sells: Creating Collections for Home Decor e-course


Rebecca Bradley for Canada Water Cafe


Katie Vernon


Sarah Walsh


Rebecca Bradley

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.10.12 AM

Trina Dalziel for Make Art That Sells: Creating Collections for Home Decor e-course

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New Year and New Work by Carolyn Gavin

Happy 2016!  We’re starting the new year off with these beautiful and fresh new pieces by Carolyn Gavin.  These are now available.  Explore more of Carolyn’s portfolio here and contact us today to not miss out.






Now these are a reason to celebrate!


Reine and the Studio Ladies


Rachael Taylor’s new work-

Hi Lilla,

Check out the new work I’ve been creating; to see more: check out my updated portfolio here.









Making wallpaper with Spoonflower

Spoonflower lets you print on fabric but they also print on rolls of wallpaper. Sooo, I decided to take one of my designs and turn it into wallpaper to cover an accent wall in my kitchen. To complete the look I even made some tiki wooden wall art! – Jenn

wall1 wall2 wall4


Lush textures just in time for summer!

Eye candy arrives daily at Lilla Rogers Studio. I love these new Jennifer Judd-McGee images! – Susan





Sarah Walsh’s Television Tiger featured in Babiekins!

Hi Lilla and the lovely ladies of the studio! I just wanted to share some fun news. My piece met better were problems weeks now hair until.

in my etsy shop Petit Reve. – Sarah

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 12.09.59 PM il_570xN.382171613_k2nl


New work by Hsinping Pan

Dear Lilla,

I made these two posters for a Taiwanese exhibition lately.
The theme of the show is”Play Together”. They invite designers and artists to create works that kids can enjoy.

Besides of the visual design for the show, I also made some rocking animals with my designer friends. They build rocking horse and other animals and then I painted on it.
You can see rabbit, tiger and giraffe here.Kids love it! We have a blast in the show!

And I also try to paint on the wall. It was new and fun!
So I just want to share with you! – Hsinping

Here I attached some photos.
05_all the animals 2


03_red horse




06_wall art

07wall art


GUEST BLOG: from our lovely, Sarah Walsh!

Hi Lilla and the lovely ladies of the studio :)

So this is my first guest blog post on the LRS site and I’m very, VERY excited about it :)

I joined Lilla Rogers in late spring. Here is the post here. Becoming a part of the studio obviously a dream come true! For years I would often daydream about it thinking “This is like fantasizing about going to the moon-never going to happen”. But I started putting myself out there more and more, working my tail off and trying to be positive and genuinely open to anything. Low and behold-Lilla and I started a dialogue via Pinterest. I discovered her class and it was JUST what I was looking for. I threw down the moolah that was worth every penny and more and signed up for MATS. Along the way I was offered a spot in the studio but as I’m writing this it sounds so casual. I WAS SO trying to keep my cool as things began to unfold and didn’t want to get my hopes up. Every other day I was trying NOT to hyperventilate. We are our own worst enemies people :) Anyway, here I am. So nice to meet you!!!!!!!

The piece I decided to share today is a piece I did for MATS and it holds a special place in my heart for two reasons. One, because I did it mostly without the computer, which I’m very proud of. I tried to relax and just let things happen. Command Z is my best friend so this was hard for me to do. And number two, because the quote means so very much to me during this time in my life. I have been so fortunate the past year. But there have been some challenges as well, because making dreams come true inherently comes with many obstacles that put you to the test. As I’m writing this we are expecting a little one any day. Yep, I’m a ticking baby bomb. Our little guy Finley is due September 19 but we all know how that works. On the opposite end of the spectrum I have a 17 year old daughter who now lives 8 hours away and is finishing her second week of classes at Columbia in Chicago. Being apart from her has been soooooooo challenging. My heart hurts just thinking about it. But she is off making HER dreams come true. So…..that said, I’m about to do this ALL OVER AGAIN. And that is a very scary yet exhilarating thought. I often wonder if I can handle this?! But I know deep down I can, because I WANT to handle it. My heart IS willing. I’m lucky enough to even be IN the position-to have this richness in my life. So yes, I firmly believe in the quote in my piece down to my core. When my heart is in it I create my best work and in this case, there’s quite a bit of emotion in this piece, and maybe some prego hormones too! I hope you like the piece I share with you today :) Sarah


A little Helen springtime in the middle of winter

See more of Helen’s work here.


Helen’s latest & greatest patterns

It’s wonderful to have such Helen lusciousness come over the transom during a New England white-out. – Julia