Month: July 2010


Trina’s recent work for a Speech and Literacy Magazine

Trina writes:

“Hi, Lilla! I want to show you these new pieces I’ve done for a UK based magazine. It’s called Bulletin and it is aimed at people working in the field of Speech and Literacy. I illustrate their monthly opinion column.

Because the text is usually very specific to its field rather than sit at my desk and have the reaction “I don’t understand this! I can’t do it!” on my first couple of read throughs I try to make something special of the event. So I take the text to the park and read while having an ice lolly or sit in the kitchen by the window with coffee and a cinnamon bun….somehow I trick my mind into relaxing so it all starts to make sense and I can come up with “soft” but relevant solutions. Which is what I love about illustrating for magazines – having a text that is a little dry or outside my usual scope of knowledge and finding a visual way of making it more approachable and appealing.

I’ve also included a few roughs for two of them.

I particularly enjoyed doing the one about how when assessing children’s speech it’s necessary to be aware and make considerations for things like it not being a first language or hearing difficulties etc.

When I was five I had speech therapy and I can still remember some of the pictures in my work book – a father and children pulling a yule log and a picture of a yacht. “Y” was one of the sounds I was having trouble with. Though I can now say yacht perfectly sadly I can’t spell it so well! Luckily the editor picked up on it on the rough!”









Monday: Las Vegas Sun: Slot Machine Advertising


Bonnie Dain’s Artwork for “The Perfect Couple”

Bonnie Dain writes:

“Hello Everyone!

This is the book cover for Head Design. They used the piece with the couple on the couch for the back cover.


xx bonnie”



Friday: Trina’s recent work for a Speech and Literacy Magazine


Guess Lilla’s favorite place in the world

Here are images from my most favorite place in the world, and near where I was born. Can you guess where this is?








Wednesday: Bonnie Dain’s Artwork for “The Perfect Couple”


New patterns by Helen Dardik

The Pattern Master strikes again! See more of Helen’s work here.





Monday: Guess Lilla’s favorite place in the world


Suzy Ultman’s Sew Sweet Fabric

Suzy writes:

I just received samples from my first fabric line with Robert Kaufman. The prints are so charming & playful that even my stuffie, Jo-Jo, couldn’t resist jumping into the photo. Enjoy! xo suzy”





Friday: New patterns by Helen Dardik


Nest Spotting

Look closely at the letter ‘o’. There’s a bird’s nest! Spotted recently while hanging out with my morning coffee and my beloved iPhone and friends.


Wednesday: Suzy Ultman’s Sew Sweet Fabric


Silvia Portella piece for Pink Ghost show “Screw Nostalgia, I want the future!”

Silvia Portella writes:

Hi Lilla!

Pink Ghost, a gallery and shop in Hollywood, FL invited me to participate in their show “Screw Nostalgia, I want the future!” in which different artists offer their personal view of the future. My piece is the one you see here. My future would absolutely necessarily have thick fluffy bunnies (to be true bunnies are a must in my past, present and future… What would life be without them?), high intelligent cute little robots and, overall, a balance between technology, nature and respect for tradition.

Opening Saturday July 17th – 7 PM

1888 Polk St.
Hollywood, Florida 33020

Best wishes! ^___^


Monday: Nest Spotting


Susy Pilgrim Waters Work at Crate&Barrel

Susy writes:

“Hi Lilla, a few people have been noticing my work in Crate&Barrel. Might be fun to share.
I know I am very lucky to have begun working with Crate a wee while back, from travel images spotted from editorial work for Travel and Leisure that have now become a jolly set of cocktail plates, lobster supper accouterments…dish towels, a fresh pasta set, canvas bag…and more projects in the making too. Some work has been newly commissioned and some was existing that we then adapted to the surface they saw as being the right vehicle…
I think my favorite right now is the sprout platter!
Oh my, i just noticed the new cocktail plates…all based cocktail words and names in my hand lettering…..AND paper napkins!
This was a rigorous (well getting all those words about drinking is very hard work :) ) but totally fun activity. It was Susan McCabe who cleverly thought of making a cocktail dress out of one of these images!! I did silkscreen them…perhaps go to my blog for images.
I am a lucky gurl.




Monday: Nest Spotting


Art Show: I’m Selfish Too: Water

Our Studio Operations Manager, Julia Parker, writes:

“Hi Lilla,
Just want to put a plug in for my good buddy and painting idol, Robert Moeller. His show I’m Selfish Too: Water is at the gallery HallSpace July 17- August 21, 2010 with the opening reception tomorrow from 3pm-6pm. For years Robert has been painting piercing yet lush abstract landscapes about the pollution of our waters (obviously now a subject at the forefront of many of our minds).

The show is at:
950 Dorchester Avenue
Boston, MA



Robert Moeller, Pumping Station, 30×48, oil, charcoal and pencil on canvas

Robert Moeller, Drift-Keel, 30×48, oil, charcoal and pencil on canvas

Robert Moeller, Under, 60×48, oil, charcoal and pencil on canvas

Monday: Nest Spotting


Trina’s illustration on diabetes during pregnancy

Trina writes us:

“Hi, Lilla! This was an illustration for Midwives Magazine. The article was about monitoring women with diabetes during pregnancy. It wasn’t about massive interventions or anything just treading lightly but being aware…hence the stepping stones. I liked the idea that the three trimesters of pregnancy can relate to three seasons so I showed the woman passing through from early spring to late autumn.

The family I used to be a nanny for in London have a beautiful series of photographs in a frame of the mother as she progressed through her first pregnancy….and I remember being as fascinated by her changing hair cuts and seasonal outfits over the nine months as her changing shape!”


Susy Pilgrim Waters’s work at Crate & Barrel