Susy Pilgrim Waters Work at Crate&Barrel

Susy writes:

“Hi Lilla, a few people have been noticing my work in Crate&Barrel. Might be fun to share.
I know I am very lucky to have begun working with Crate a wee while back, from travel images spotted from editorial work for Travel and Leisure that have now become a jolly set of cocktail plates, lobster supper accouterments…dish towels, a fresh pasta set, canvas bag…and more projects in the making too. Some work has been newly commissioned and some was existing that we then adapted to the surface they saw as being the right vehicle…
I think my favorite right now is the sprout platter!
Oh my, i just noticed the new cocktail plates…all based cocktail words and names in my hand lettering…..AND paper napkins!
This was a rigorous (well getting all those words about drinking is very hard work :) ) but totally fun activity. It was Susan McCabe who cleverly thought of making a cocktail dress out of one of these images!! I did silkscreen them…perhaps go to my blog for images.
I am a lucky gurl.




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  • Does Susy have a kitchen mat for sale at Target. I could swear it’s her stuff. It has veggies on it!

    by Talitha
    July 16, 2010

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