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Peek inside the Studio, my garden, and see our artists’ Show and Tells.

We recently showed you highlights from our 3-Day Annual Retreat, and now I’d love to show you a few photos of the activities that the artists participated in, from our Sketch Scavenger Hunt to Vintage Bingo.


Thought you might like to see photos of the Studio and back patio set up and ready for the arrival of the artists, Day One.

Above: Breakfast on the patio.

Attending Artists, from front right, moving clockwise around the table:
Kendra Binney (in light pink top) (Portland, OR)
Åsa Gilland (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Jennifer M Potter (San Francisco, CA)
Bambi Ramsey (California)
Erica Root (Philadelphia, PA)
Anke Rega (Berlin, Germany)
Kelly Anne Dalton (Montana)
Mara Penny (Oakland, CA)
Sarah Papworth (England)
Julia Christians (Germany)
Jessica Allen (Barrington, Rhode Island) (not pictured)


After a Studio update to discuss all of our exciting new plans for the future, it was time for a vintage Bingo break.

Above: Vintage Bingo break!


Below: Our Snoop Groups. The artists broke into small groups to discuss a particular topic. Then, they reported back to the larger group with tips and thoughts.

Sarah Papworth, Anke Rega, Åsa Gilland, Jessica Allen


Erica Root, Mara Penny, Kendra Binney, Bambi Ramsey


We devote a load of time at the Retreat for the artists to do teach-ins, where they show something like an art supply that they love, share a tech hack, or anything else they want to share.

Above, artist Kendra Binney (Portland, OR) shows some of the ‘cheap’ art supplies she uses in her art, which was surprising to all of us, because her work is so elegant and fancy. For original art that she sells, she covers the work in light-fast resin.


Artist Anke Rega demonstrated how she incorporates digital work with her traditional media work.


The Sketch Scavenger Hunt was new for this year. I gave our artists a list of things to look for in my garden (like “Draw an unusual leaf” or “Draw something purple”) and then they were free to roam and sketch.

Anke Rega, left, and Sarah Papworth


Julia Christians


Thank you, artists! See you next year!


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You’re going to love seeing some of our artists’ favorite art supplies. We asked them to share their favorites. Read on!

Recently, we were super-curious to find out what art supplies are the faves of our artists. Here’s what they said! (And check out Katie Vernon’s jellyfish!) Read on.

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Anke Rega

Anke says, “I think you can guess…my favorite all time go to is blue watercolor! I just love indigo. You can use it dark and light (I rarely use black, mostly just for the pupils and sometimes hair) and cobalt is another favorite blue. I think these two go so well with a lot of other colours like pink, reds and so much more.”


Jennifer M Potter

From Jennifer: “My favorite of my art supplies is my sketch kit. I keep it small and minimal so that I can easily stuff it in my backpack when I travel. I use a small 4×4 inch watercolor sketchbook by Field Artist, and a tiny watercolor palette filled with Daniel Smith watercolors, which I made out of a business card holder. In a pinch, I can get by with just that and a waterbrush, but I also like to bring a Blue Q pencil case stocked with different size travel brushes, a small mechanical pencil, an eraser, a binder clip, and a few colored pencils like this set of Faber Castell Polychromos I picked up in Germany earlier this year.”


Sarajo Frieden

Examples of a favorite art material, gouache, on paper, for a personal piece.

Procreate using the IPad Pro and Apple Pencil for the cover of Oncology Nursing Magazine


Mara Penny

Mara says, “My favorites are Micron pens and plain ol’ printer paper.”


Katie Vernon

Katie writes, “I couldn’t pick just one art supply, so here are my faves that I use almost daily:

– Caran D’Ache Luminance colored pencils
– Sennelier watercolors
– Holbein Acryla gouache, specifically Holbein Acryla greenish yellow
– Strathmore 300 series mixed media paper”


Sarah Papworth

Sarah says, “Currently…the humble pencil, although I like to mix my media, so perhaps I’d add coloured pencils, fine line pen and acrylic paint as little friendly team. With Photoshop as administrator.”


Kelly Anne Dalton

Kelly Anne writes, “My iPad Pro has been my favorite art supply (obsession) for the last three years, but I’m slowly getting back to working with more of my traditional favorites: colored pencil on wood and gouache, and finding ways to implement them into my digital work.

“This is an illustration I made for MATS Bootcamp of what my current work bag looks like and what I carry in it. Minus a few bobby pins and odd receipts. :)”



I hope you enjoyed the show! Want great art for your project? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to assist you with any of your art needs. Get to know us here!
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Lots of new books and meet the artists

There’s nothing like illustrating a book or a magazine; it’s wonderful to sink into a manuscript. Today I want to show you work that our artists have done. Enjoy! We’re happy to help you find the right illustrator for your project.

Here’s a lovely illustration by Trina Dalziel for BHG Secrets of Getting Organized Special Interest Publication.

Meet Sarah Walsh

Sarah says, “I dream of owning a time machine someday but until then I enjoy cinnamon rolls, animals, art making, world culture, vintage children’s books, music & coffee.”

Meet Anne Bentley

Meet Tara Lilly

“I am inspired by something new everyday. I love to thrift shop, go to the library, or take walks in nature to get inspired,” says Tara.

Meet Flora Waycott

Flora says, “If I weren’t creating art I would love to own a cafe and tea shop, filled with flower posies and vegetables from the garden.”

Yes! Our Global Talent Search is back! Check out our top VIP judges.

Find out more here. Sign-up ends June 21st and my first assignment is released June 25!



Peek into Sarah Walsh’s sketchbook!

When Sarah Walsh was here, I took some photos of her gorgeous and fascinating sketchbook pages. I thought you’d enjoy a peek inside. It’s always interesting to see what work an artist does purely for herself.

Sarah Walsh

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Rebecca Jones ambushes Lilla’s Instagram Feed…

We had so much fun following along with artist Rebecca Jones’ day on Lilla’s Instagram.  Since winning the Global Talent Search 2014, Special Studio Award, she has been very busy working with dream clients!  Rebecca lives and works in Australia.  Here is a glimpse of what a day in her life is like…



Setting out for the day in this beautiful dress.


Working on some Christmas projects for clients.


Shipping out prints to her Etsy customers.


Working on some woodland creatures and textures for a new client.


Cozying up at the end of a long and productive day with her favorite book.

Thanks Rebecca for sharing your day and beautiful work with us.  For more of the Rebecca’s work, see her portfolio here.

Stay tuned for the next Takeover Tuesday and catch another glimpse into a life of one Lilla Rogers’ working artists.





Making wallpaper with Spoonflower

Spoonflower lets you print on fabric but they also print on rolls of wallpaper. Sooo, I decided to take one of my designs and turn it into wallpaper to cover an accent wall in my kitchen. To complete the look I even made some tiki wooden wall art! – Jenn

wall1 wall2 wall4


Suzy Ultman, guest blogger @ Flow Magazine!

Suzy Ultman is a major talent – no doubt about it. See Suzy’s smart writings and wonderfully, delightful illustrations at Flow here and here and here and here! – Jennifer










Visit Marco Marella’s studio in Italy!


Hi! Here are a couple of studio pics. i am working on a series of canvases for a small gallery show, these are quite different, stylistically, from my main body of commercial work nonetheless i think it’s important to explore other paths and most of all it is important to find some time to dedicate at personal projects, finally my computer generated work greatly benefits from this healthy practice, not to say my soul! – Marco







Rachael Taylor – Inspiration from Boston Marina

Hi Lilla! Today I wanted to share with you some more photographs from my USA work trip. After visiting the New England Aquarium, I walked along the waterfront & stumbled across some truly amazing colours & textures at the boating marina. I must have spent at least an hour documenting all the imperfections & beauty. Enjoy!





Vintage Floral pattern collection collage from Silvia Dekker

“I made a collage with patterns from my Vintage Floral pattern collection. I had so much fun I think I will be doing collages with my other collections too!”

All my best, Silvia


Collection Bohemian Folk Silvia Dekker



Collection Vintage Floral Silvia Dekker