A day in the life of artist Tequitia Andrews

Welcome to A Day In The Life of our stellar artist, Tequitia Andrews. Take a look into her life as a full-time illustrator.
Tequitia Andrews
Tequitia Andrews (pronounced ta-key-ta) is an artist and illustrator from Richmond, Virginia.

A graduate of Virginia State University, Tequitia didn’t pursue a career as an artist until her 30’s.

Starting off primarily as a painter, Tequitia took an independent learning journey in all the different facets of art making. She found her voice in the world of illustration.

A typical day for me looks like…I’m a night owl, but I try to start my day around 10 a.m. It’s summer right now, but usually homeschooling lessons are at the start of the day and then I start work in the afternoon until dinner.

If I am on a deadline, after dinner I’ll work until my eyes become blurry. Otherwise, I may play around in my sketchbook. To help me unwind from the day, I play endless games of Solitaire while watching TV or listening to an audiobook.

My favorite project so far…An Earth Song by Langston Hughes, published by Cameron Books.

Langston Hughes is one of my favorite poets, so it was an honor. Also, this was the first book where I came up with concept completely on my own.

It was wonderful, (and also intimidating) to be given the assignment with confidence that what I came up with would be great.

Above: Artwork from An Earth Song (Cameron Books)

Buy it here.

My favorite art tools are…Pen and paper. And it’s funny because I am an art supply junkie. I have all these paints, pencils, markers, crayons, etc. yet I normally default to a good pen and plain sketchbook. My favorite pens are microns and brush pens.
I’m looking forward to…Getting back into traditional painting. I’ve been working digitally (iPad and Photoshop) for the past few years and while it has made some aspects of art making easier and transportable, I really miss creating on canvas.
In my free time I like to…Spend time with my husband and children. I consider myself somewhat of a crafter, but the truth is I have a closet and a table full of unfinished projects. So my free time is spent playing Solitaire.
Thanks Tequitia!

You can see more of Tequitia’s beautiful illustration work here.

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