Month: August 2013


LRS artists cards @ Trader Joe’s!

I was delighted to see our artists (Marco Marella and Ann Boyajian) GORGEOUS work at Trader Joe’s while shopping last week.
Check out their selection on your next trip! Merci beaucoup! – Jennifer


Fab video from MATS student Antonija M + last chance to sign up with our installment program

Check out this gorgeous video made by Antonija M, one of the talented students of Make Art That Sells Part A. In it Antonija shares what she learnt in the course, and creates a fabulous pattern with all her new ‘knowledge’!

If you can’t see this video properly click here to view it on Vimeo!

Excitement is building for Make Art That Sells Part B which starts on October 8 (registration is now open here). In this course we give you the inside scoop on the following hot markets:






It works like a kit for each market – Lilla tells you what each market wants, and then walks you step-by-step through the process of creating a portfolio piece. Lilla teaches you how to break it down so you can respond to any brief, regardless of how daunting it may initially feel. With her help you can get that dream gig!

Each week includes:

  • In depth market overview (what sells, who buys it, what they are looking for)
  • Examples of real jobs
  • Interview with a market expert, art director or flourishing artist known for selling work in that market – think Paperchase, EK Success, Real Simple Magazine and more!
  • A professional-level assignment and step-by-step guidelines to respond with great art that sells
  • Access to assignment critique from Lilla (a handful of pieces will be critiqued each week)
  • Style development advice
  • Hot trends & fresh inspiration
  • Business and life advice from Lilla

You will also get access to a private community space where you can connect with other artists and designers, share your work and support each other.

The two parts of the course are designed to work together but you can just take one part if you prefer.


If you join this course and fully take on board Lilla’s advice, YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO GROW AS AN ARTIST, BUILD YOUR PORTFOLIO AND GAIN MORE MARKET SAVVY so you can make great art that sells. But don’t just take our word for it – read our amazing testimonials from alumni of MATS here.

For those of you who wanted to sign up via our interest-free installment plan, please be aware the deadline for this is this FRIDAY (AUGUST 30). Find out more and secure your place here.


AMY BLAY: Guest Blogger on Flow Magazine Netherlands

I was thrilled that Flow Magazine invited me to be a guest blogger for the month of August. Here’s the link!

Talking about my work and influences every week has been a great exercise for me, maybe it’s about time I started blogging. Thanks Flow!


LISA DEJOHN: GUEST BLOGGER work featured in “Breaking Bad”

Hi Lilla, as you know I’ve been working on a video for your Make Art That Sells part B class this fall about my amazing water tower job! It’s been really fun to connect to the project again. I have been in contact with the marketing coordinator there in Albuquerque and she sent me some beautiful photos of the completed 175 foot tower. I also wanted to share a photo collage of the tower as it appeared in Breaking Bad. Last but not least, I found a great document from Sherwin Williams (this was the paint used in the tower) that has some stunning pictures in it. Fun to see! You can follow the development of Mesa Del Sol, NM on Facebook! – Lisa


Nothing like coming home!

I love coming home from vacation. I love my home, I really do. One ritual is going through the mail, catalogs included. What a delight this weekend to open the Crate and Barrel catalog to this charming Land of Nod insert. And EVEN BETTER, how fabulous to see both Suzy and Jillian’s great work featured on the very same page! – Jennifer


Susy Pilgrim Waters wants to design shoes!

Susy Pilgrim Waters writes: “hi chaps..its exhilarating to be asked to play. well thats how i took the request from UPPERCASEs Janine Vangool to do a wee interview and illustrate my throw away comment about wanting to design shoes.
Its totally true..I do. I want to design a line of loafers.I jumped at this opportunity to make a mess and play in collage and paint like i used to…I feel like i want to sculpt my design, infact i would adore to take a shoemaking course.My shoe in words would be edge, sharp, mixed media, with a blocky heel..comfy.classic.Feminine but with a macho chic….my sketches started on the china town bus to NYC…bit jiggy…
SO i started with a large painting. working and drawing in my sketch books too…building the barely 2 dimentional shoe in linen , leather acrylic and gouache.frankly , its a bit daunting to bare your sole like this..but instead of being too self critical and thinking uppercase it so clean and minimalist i SHOULD draw one beautiful shoe i would have had to process this for MONTHs. (and taken the shoe here it is .rustic, rough, bit nutty.)
thanks to Janine who bravely is publishing this in the admit pininterest shoes for relaxation. – Susy


R2D2 spruces up!

Take a look at Jenn’s groovy robot from Mudpuppy! Makes R2D2 look like he could use some sprucing up! – Jennifer


MAKE ART THAT SELLS: work from 5 of our artists

MATS Part A was simply amazing. Lilla’s first assignment – pure inspiration – resulted in fabulous artwork from more than 500 participants! Here are some samples from our own artists who found new inspiaration in the ecourse! Hope to see you in Part B (starting in October) – Jennifer

From John Coulter:

From Sarah Walsh:

From Allison Cole:

From Trina Dalziel:

From Rebecca Bradley:


Jennifer Judd-McGee sleeps tight!

Take a look at these lovely snugglies from Jennifer Judd-McGee! These are available here from Land of Nod. Sweet Dreams! – Jennifer