Month: December 2012


Jillian’s Yuki scrapbooking products for sale


Ruby Violet class on YouTube

On this show, Cari demonstrated how you can create colorful and funky gifts using the Ruby Violet collection by Prima. See how you can make your own bracelets, mini books and hair accessories from the embellishments of this fun collection. Get ready to be inspired and see how fun making your own gifts can be!


Jennifer Judd-McGee’s poster in NY subways

JJ writes:

“Hi Lilla,
The poster I was commissioned to make for the NYC MTA Arts for Transit Program is now up in subway stations around New York, and it’s been really fun to get photos from New York friends from different spots through the city. I loved working on this project!”


Magazine cover playtime!- Jillian Phillips

Jillian writes:

“I have been dreaming about making magazine covers, and had to have a play today!!”


New Work by John Coulter for Wellesley Magazine

John writes:

Hi Lilla,

I recently completed 9 spots and 1 cover illustration for Wellesley Magazine.
It was a fantastic project to work on. Here are a few of my favorites from the set.


Adolie Day’s Springtime in Paris

Adoliw writes:

“Hi Lilla,
Here is an original illustration for a big Canadian charity ball,
Ink, watercolor, acrylic and color pen
My best.”


Lisa Congdon’s Fabric Collection with Cloud9

Lisa writes:

“I’m so incredibly happy to announce the launch of my fabric collection for Cloud9! The collection is called The Land that Never Was, and it’s based on my a fantastical world I created in gouache paint and Micron pens. Images of the collection were released today on the Cloud9 website. It’s going into production now, and it will be available for purchase in the Spring of 2013!
I loved collaborating on the entire collection with the amazing & exceptionally talented Michelle Engel Bencsko, who is the co-founder and lead designer at Cloud9. As you know, we’ve been working on the designs together for six months. And I am so happy with how each one evolved! I learned that designing a fabric line is a process — lots of back and forth, refining and finessing. I have such an appreciation for the craft now!

Folks can check out my collection here.”


Mike Lowery for Creative Loafing

Mike writes:

“Here’s a map that I did for the cover Atlanta’s Creative Loafing.

It’s based off of another map that I did of a few of my favorite
spots in my hometown. Check out my “Favorite Places in Atlanta”
print here.


Helen’s artwork on kid cases

Our intrepid agent Susan writes:

Helen Darik’s dreamy patterns help launch KidKit. If you love to travel in style and with kids, check out KidKits fabulous products here.



The Elephant from Baghdad book illustrations and design by Jon Cannell

Jon writes:

“Hi Lilla,
I am finally posting the third book that I collaborated on with Mary Tavener Holmes and John Harris. The other two were My Travels With Clara and A Giraffe Goes To Paris. It is the true story of an albino elephant named Abu that was given as a gift to Charlemagne, emperor of most of Europe by Harun Al-Rashid, caliph of Baghdad. It is a heart warming tale of the friendship between the emperor and Abu. There were coins, portraits and tapestries created with Abu’s image on them. Charlemagne showed off the beautiful Abu to visiting princes and kings. When Abu died of old age, Charlemagne was so heartbroken that he wept. The book was published by Marshall Cavendish Children and is available on Amazon.