Month: January 2013


Allison Cole treasure boxes for Land of Nod

See more of Allison’s treasure boxes here.


Mati’s home decor line with Creative Coop

From Mati’s blog:

“I’m over the moon excited about seeing my work transformed into pillows, a COUCH, vases, plates, picture frames, sweet embroidery hoops and more from Creative Coop at the Atlanta Gift Show!


Helen’s prints on children’s clothes

I was delighted to spot Helen’s fabulous prints at Wild Child in Arlington yesterday. These are prints she did for Zutano. Love them! Sorry for the tag in the way of the peacock! –Lilla


Allison’s new collections for Camelot Fabrics

Allison writes:

“One of the fun things about attending a show like Printsource is that you never know what goodies you might go home with! I was happy to catch up with the lovely team from Camelot Fabrics at the show and they brought with them the strikeoffs for my new fabric collections, Festive Forest and Happy Jungle. Both collections will be in stores this upcoming March/April!”


Trina’s Stanley & Mercedes

Trina writes:

A friend’s husband asked me to produce a picture of his wife and dog.
This is the type of request that I’d normally politely decline and that I’ve managed to avoid through out my career. But I know Mercedes likes my style and has bought several prints of my work as gifts for friends plus I also LOVE drawing dogs. And Mark made it very clear he didn’t want a portrait just a “sense” of his wife and dog in my style.

I submitted three ideas – and by chance they were each in different seasons – Mark then asked me to do a set of four through the seasons so the scale of the job quadrupled making it a much more interesting project.

It gave me the opportunity to play around more with scale and composition and viewpoints.
They spend a lot of time in Norfolk and so the summer image is set on the beach there.

The only downside of the project was while I was working on it I had to avoid meeting up with Mercedes and Stanley, for our occasional walk and a coffee, as I hated the idea of having a secret even if it was a nice one!


Suzy Ultman’s counting book at Land of Nod

What could be more fun than Suzy’s wool felt Counting Fun at LON? See more here.


Printsource 2013

Lilla, Patty, Jennifer, and Allison are having a great time at Printsource and looking good doing so! – Julia


Susy Pilgrim Waters’ scaves at Boston’s ICA

The Institute of Contemporary Art is selling Susy’s exquisite scarves in their store and online or at Susy’s online store here. Definitely gives one another reason to visit the Museum! – Julia

Scarf: Until Sapphire/Indigo

Scarf: Bloom Grey/Sage

Scarf: Boulder Grey/Ochre


Artist-made flag show, “Doing Pennants”

Sarajo writes:

“Hi, I was asked to submit a piece to this show that opens Saturday, January 12 at Fifth Floor Gallery. Fifth Floor (located at 502 Chung King Rd) is a wonderful design/art hybrid space in the heart of LA’s unique Chinatown neighborhood. The show includes over 100 participants from LA and beyond all contributing unique flags. All work will be for sale for $150. Organized by Paul W. Evans. I’m very happy to be contributing!”


It’s nice to be an art agent and have a birthday…

because you get these gorgeous and lovely birthday wishes from your artists! Lilla is so lucky – Julia

Macrina Busato

Ann Boyajian

Adolie Day

Silvia Dekker

Carolyn Gavin

Amy Blay

Helen Dardik

Jessica Allen:

Bonnie Dain

Suzy Ultman

Sarajo Frieden

Talitha Shipman