Month: May 2009


Bonnie’s crazy cool dogs

Dear Art Directors,

How about these for a card boxed-set license? They are fully available, brand-new pieces. Why does dog stuff need to be schmaltzy? Dog lovers can be cool. Dang, every woman I know owns I dog.


(for more of Bonnie’s work, click here.)








Recent work by Trina Dalziel

Dear Art Directors,
Do you crave lovely how-to illustrations of food and domestics? Trina is fantastic with illustrating very detailed subjects in a soft, yet clear way. Her British sensibility comes through. Call or email us to assign.








Surtex NYC 2009!

Surtex was fantastic. So much fun; so great for business.

Here’s our booth, all seats taken with a line waiting to see books. It went on like this for most of the three days. That’s Susan M on the upper right showing Suzy Ultman’s portfolio.dsc04141.jpg

Here’s Mike Lowery. He came up from Atlanta and brought his students with him. He’s making Julia and Susan laugh. blogdsc04138.jpg

More books and stuff.dsc04171.jpg

Another shot of our booths with very focused art directors. That’s the teNeues folks in the middle. Check out Suzy Ultman’s stufftie hanging on the wall. It’s brown with the heart in the middle. Too cute.dsc04158.jpg

Here he is big:

Carolyn Gavin and my mom in front of the booths. Land of Nod and Grace Bonney of design*sponge blog are at our booths, too. How fantastic. My mom was an amazing business person and incredible artist, ahead of her time. She’s 84 and came out from the end of the North Fork of Long Island with my sister to see us. It made my day.

Jamie of Land of Nod and Susan McCabe having fun. I gave Jamie the award (verbally) for best scarf of show.dsc04168.jpg

Thought you’d like to see the books and some of the samples and give-aways. On the right was a baby and juvi compilation I made for the show.dsc04170.jpg

There’s Julia and Susan and a bit of the beautiful Grace Bonney of design*sponge. All I’m going to tell you is that Grace and I had a fascinating discussion about something we want to do together. Trust me; it’s going to be fabulous.

A picture of Helen Dardik’s picture about taking pictures.

Susan M and Allison Cole. Susan was showing someone Allison’s bag which Allison made herself. Probably Susan was showing a manufacturer and wanted to get them to make these bags.dsc04179.jpg

Kristin of Chronicle. We love her. We had some REALLY good ideas for something. It ties into the Grace Bonney/design*sponge thing. I hope I’m tantalizing you.dsc04183.jpg

Here’s a picture of Kristin taking a picture of Suzy Ultman’s doll.

Here’s a point in the show where we had Chronicle, Crate & Barrel, and another group at our booth. How amazing was that? We were kinda blown away.

One great thing was that we got to meet the wonderful reps, Chrystal Falcioni of Magnet and Frank Sturges. Here’s our Susan and Frank. Was great to talk shop.

Here’s Susan’s family. Check out her cute boys. They are fun, cool kids. Check out all the books on the table for clients to see. That’s probably my water bottle on the left. I was allowed to leave it on the table if I was sure to keep the cap on. We had no coffee spills. Amazing. Aren’t the banners beautiful?

Here’s Susan Farrington (on right) and Carolyn Gavin of Ecojot. We went out to dinner at a South African restaurant one night. Carolyn is from South Africa and now lives in Toronto.

It was great fun.

Wednesday: Recent work by Trina Dalziel


Lisa Ketelhut’s piece for Skirt Magazine

Dear Art Director:
Do you need great lettering and accessories and women for the 20 – 40 demographic? Here you are. Linda Ketelhut. There’s a reason Skirt! Magazine uses her regularly for illustration.
Call or email us to assign.


Later today: Surtex NYC 2009!


New bag by Sarajo Frieden

Sarajo writes:

just released by poketo …
sturdy canvas bag measures approx. 15 x 18″ without straps. Strap length is about 21″ Inside is a generous zippered pocket.
Can be purchased at here.



Mike Lowery makes pins for us to give away at Surtex!

Dear Art Director,

Come visit us at Surtex (new location: Booths 251 & 253) and get your free buttons!

See more of Mike’s work here.


Wednesday: New bag by Sarajo Frieden


See us at Surtex!

Here’s Helen’s & Jillian’s wonderful flyers for Surtex. Look what Helen’s done to my logo, that little genius!


And here are teeny tiny versions of Helen’s seven foot banners. Come see them at the show (new location: Booths 251 & 253)!

Monday: Mike Lowery makes pins for us to give away at Surtex!


Susy’s poster for the Turtle Sidewalk sale in the South End, Boston, this Saturday, May 16th, 10 – 6.

Come see Susy’s Funky tees, groovy pants + sidewalk trunk show Saturday! Meet the incomparable Susy. You will love her and her great stuff. We all have her t-shirts here. They are soft and juicy and with Susy’s great big bold silk-screened art on them. Mention this ad and get a free kiss. I don’t know. I just made that up. Sorry, Susy…


Tomorrow: See us at Surtex!


Come see us at Surtex NYC 2009 this Sunday through Tuesday, Javitz Center.

We are pumped, excited, ready to roll for Surtex. We have a bunch of amazing new artists and a ton of new work.
The show runs concurrently with the Stationery Show and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair which are two really fun shows.

Art Directors: Call us or email us to schedule an appointment to see us. We would love to see you and give you a free button set. For more info on the show:

Visit us and get a free button set. We have about 10 different designs to choose from.a301762a973ebc7faa96e539b93.jpg


New this year at Surtex:
–Each artist has made their own printed portfolios for the show. It’s so fun to see each artist’s book.
Here’s Susy Pilgrim Waters’ book:

Here’s Adolie Day’s book, a brand-new artist with us that we are sure will do extremely well.

–Additionally, we have also put together two 200-page books of great art for your convenience at Surtex: Holiday art and Baby & Juvi.
(Baby & Juvi cover art: Suzy Ultman)

(Holiday Book cover art: Carolyn Gavin)

–Also, we have Jillian Phillips’ work organized by Winter Holiday, Baby, All-occasion, Floral, and Boy. I think you’ll find it really fun and easy to go through the books. They are available for license or sale at the show. Here’s one of her images. Prepare to see pages and pages of her great work, and a collection of charming office products by Paperchase of Jillian’s work.

–The ever-popular Ecojot designer and one of our artists, Carolyn Gavin, will have dozens of big, colorful prints ready for sale at the show.

Guess what? We are proud to represent Lisa Congdon, whom many of you know so well. Chronicle just did a collection with her of her birch trees.

This is a charming piece she did for Surtex. I love it. Come see her entire book.=


New work by Bonnie Dain for a Houston Real Estate Concern

I love Bonnie’s line and her color and her people.




On Wednesday: Helen Dardik’s flyer for Surtex NYC