Month: January 2011


Jenn Ski’s gift cards now in Target

Jenn writes:

“I was walking in Target the other day when I noticed a design I had made for their gift cards was finally available. My husband was with me and when I pointed to them he was screaming, lol.”

Wednesday: Two Great Artists at once


Rebecca Bradley’s Florid Floral Notelets by teNeues

Rebecca writes:

“Just out and on sale, notelets of some of my floral work. The design is great, and I am excited to see the product! Check it out here. Just in time for the Spring. Hurry Spring!!”


New work by John Coulter: Seattle Met: Agents of Chaos

John writes:

“Hi Lilla,
Here is the latest illustration I did for the Seattle Met. I’ve been using more textures and limited color with this work.”

Friday: Rebecca Bradley’s Florid Floral Notelets by teNeues


Suzy Ultman’s Birdies and Banjos gift wrap

Suzy Ultman writes:

“Here is the final artwork for the Madison Park Wrapping Papers. I think the birds & banjos found the perfect home. ”

Wednesday: New work by John Coulter: Seattle Met: Agents of Chaos


Get your Paint On! Online class with Mati McDonough & Lisa Congdon

Mati writes:

“Hi, Lilla!

I am so excited to share that I have teamed up with fellow artist Lisa Congdon to create an online painting course called, Get Your Paint On! We’ll be teaching this five week course (from January 31 to March 4, 2011). We will share what we have learned painting professionally along with our unique and colorful approach towards making art.

This class is designed to support both beginning painters and more experienced artists. We’ll cover materials, style, color, and composition. And what’s really fantastic, since the course is online, anyone around the world can take it, so you don’t need to be in San Francisco where we both live! It’s only $99 per person.

For more info and registration please visit:

{Lisa + Mati at their joint art show in 2009}

{Collaborative Painting by Lisa + Mati}

Suzy Ultman’s Birdies and Banjos gift wrap


A cool JOB OPPORTUNITY in the Boston area

The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University is looking for qualified artists and designers to teach a variety of fashion courses in Boston. “College Courses for High School Students” are offered in the Fall, Winter and Summer Sessions and are either 4-week long sessions or 7-week long sessions. Our students love learning about all aspects of Fashion. We need faculty for a February 19 start date: “Textile Print Design for Fashion” as well as the upcoming summer session: “Fashion Foundation” and more. Qualified applicants will have a BFA or MFA degree and have an interest in teaching young artists (high school age). Please send resume and portfolio to Diana Arcadipone at


Suzy Ultman’s road to “Happy Trails”

Suzy writes:

“Hi Lilla.
With a majority of my projects, the production path is a straight, predictable line. Every once in a while, someone decides to take a risk and try something new. It’s a process full of problem solving & hard work, but the payoff is fantastic.

For “Happy Trails”, we were entering new Chronicle Books territory, creating a journal made of felt & embroidery. I’ve included images from important points in the process: (1) My very own hand-sewn mock-up which was sent to the factory in China for reference. (2) The production file referencing thread weight & stitch type. and (3) Voila! It’s the final journal in all of it’s felty glory.

enjoy* suzy”

Friday: Get your Paint On! Online class with Mati McDonough & Lisa Congdon


A preview of Lisa Congdon’s A Collection a Day book

Lisa Congdon writes:

“Hi Ladies!
Just wanted to share…
You can see an image of my upcoming book cover here:
I am in the February issue of Martha Stewart Living which is in stores now!”

You can pre-order Lisa’s A Collection a Day book here.

The book comes packaged in a special collector’s tin!

Front Cover

Suzy Ultman’s road to “Happy Trails”


Doll hat inspired by Silvia Dekker’s stationery

Silvia writes:

“Hi Lilla,

I received an email from Adrianne Pouw, who makes beautiful crochet accessories for children and dolls. She told me she is inspired by my work and she sent me a picture of a wonderful Blythe doll hat inspired by stationery I designed for Dutch department store HEMA. I think it’s great when someone is inspired by my work! She has an Etsy store where she sells her accessories.”

A preview of Lisa Congdon’s A Collection a Day book