Month: October 2008


Bonnie Dain’s piece for the “Vote Early” campaign

Here’s what Bonnie wrote us:
“I did a REALLY early absentee ballot vote. :) this election is so exciting I can’t stop watching it!

[The vote early illustrations] all look SUPER cool, here’s mine. Enjoy!”




Susan Farrington does two pieces for the “Vote Early” project

Wow! Check out the detail in these two pieces by Susan Farrington. Inspired. Come back tomorrow to see Bonnie’s vote piece.




Lisa DeJohn does a piece for the “Vote Early” project

How cool is this piece by Lisa? Check tomorrow for a Vote piece by Susan Farrington!



Jillian Phillips does a piece for our “Vote Early” art campaign.

It’s cool when a British artist like Jillian does the stars-and-stripes thing. Our European artists are watching the US election closely.



Marco Marella does a piece for our “Vote Early” art campaign.

This is a very different look for Marco. I like it very much. Have you voted early? Click here to find out more.


Stop by tomorrow to see Jillian Phillips’ VOTE EARLY piece.


Rebecca Bradley does a lovely piece for our “Vote Early” campaign.

Here’s what Rebecca has to say:
“Here is a little sketch for the campaign, with thanks to the suffragettes.”



John Coulter does a piece for our Vote Early campaign

I love this piece by John AND I hope it helps get out the vote. We’re doing what we artists do best.


Artists draw for Early Voting

Dear Readers,
I’ve asked my artists to do art on the important topic of voting early. A huge percentage of people are voting early. It’s unprecedented.
Why is it important? To avoid long lines and voter fraud. To be sure you don’t have any problems on election day. It’s estimated that 24% of voters will vote early!
So I’ve asked my artists to do art on the topic to help encourage you to get out and vote. I’m posting the images as they come in, so check back regularly.
I’m starting with a delightful piece by Carolyn Gavin. I already have pieces by Marco and by Rebecca that I’ll post soon.
Click here to find out how you can vote early.

I’d love to know if you’ve voted early.

Warm regards,



Helen Dardik’s amazing patterns!


Boston Design Salon

Read about a great evening with the Boston Design Salon here.

“Illustrators, artists, and surface designers skipped home from our Salon evening on October 14th with their creative juices rushing and heads full of new opportunities for licensing their work. Lilla Rogers, a straightforward agent with a passion for art and artists, spent the evening with our Salon to discuss
her side of the design biz. Lilla has been highly successful in her role of representing talented artists and selling their work to reputable clients in the U.S. and Internationally…” read more.