Month: July 2011


Lilla’s Time Management Tips for Artists

Good news: You’re getting lots of work. But I can know it’s very stressful. I’ve been there when I was a full-time artist with tons of projects, and here are my tips on time management:

1. Write each item on a small sticky piece of paper (post-it notes).
An item to write down might be:
sketch animals for bag
get ideas for pattern
scan in all line drawings
color in patterns

Break down each item so that it is small.

2. Then, take a large calendar and place those post-it’s onto the calendar, spreading them out until the due dates.

Realistically see how each day looks. Too many post-it’s in a single day? Spread it out more. See how it looks and that will help you decide if you have any time available for any projects. That way, you are making a decision based on facts.

I hope that helps! I still use this method.

Also: get lots of good healthy food for your refrigerator. Prioritize your life so that you only do what’s really important to you.

Good luck!


The Little Black Dress

Talitha writes:

“I am desperately trying to find a dress for a wedding I’m attending next week, and so far, nothing! But it did inspire me to draw some dresses. Ah, the Little Black Dress! I’m kind of on a two color kick right now, and I think pink and black look good together.

Hope you like them!”


Editorial/Advertising Work

Looking for strong work for your campaign, magazine, or project? Below, we’ve collected some great examples of past successful advertising and magazine projects.

Here, illustration is combined with photography for impact.

DIANE BIGDA | Random House
For the Shopaholic books

TRINA DALZIEL | Healthy Lifestyles Magazine
For an article entitled, “Transform your Self”


Helen Dardik latest patterns

The pattern master strikes again! See more of Helen’s work here.


Hi Y’all – Suzy Ultman goes South

Suzy writes:

“Hi Lilla.
Since I was 12 years old, my family has been road tripping to Coastal Carolina for summer holiday. We spend most of our time at the beach but make daily excursions to the farm stands. We also put aside one afternoon for an antiquing field trip. There is nothing like hunting for treasure in 100 degree heat. The southern hospitality & charming shops make-up for the sweltering conditions. Then, we end our excursion with a big glass of ice cold sweet tea. Enjoy this small taste of my southern adventure.”


Ruby Violet by Lilla Rogers

I am sooooo excited to announce the debut of my new line, Ruby Violet! I am a crazed crafter and am thrilled to have partnered with the lovely Prima group.

I’m about to fly to Chicago to go to CHA to launch the product line of embellishments, cuffs, necklace kits, rubberstamps, scrapbooking papers, and tons more!

A special shout out to Suzy Ultman for her help and wisdom and to Hsinping Pan for her art on some of the buttons.

Hope you like it!

— Lilla


Today’s garden haul

Today’s garden haul.
We made dahlia and zinnia cutting beds this year.
Enjoy the color.


Ann Boyajian inspired by cat muses

Ann writes:

“Hi Lilla!
I just did an interview with Ann Dziemianowicz, the author of Careers For Your Cat. I had a lot of fun answering her questions about my cats, and how they inspired me as I did the illustrations for her book. I included some photos of the cats and detailed the “careers” in which they were featured. She posted the interview on her blog – click here to read and see more.”


New painting by Lisa DeJohn at Grass Hut Gallery

Lisa writes:

“Hi Lilla,
I have a new painting in this group show at Grass Hut’s “Balls Out Thee Third” exhibition in Portland, Oregon. Tons of amazing work and I’m proud to be among a stellar line up of artists.”

Click here for the link.

Wednesday: Ann Boyajian inspired by cat muses


Sarajo goes to a David Smith sculpture show at LACMA

After a discussion of the trend of Geometrics, Sarajo wrote us:

“We went to see a David Smith sculpture show at the new Resnick pavilion at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) today…such a great show, talk about geometrics. He was influenced by Brancusi, Kandinsky, Vladimir Tatlin among others. Wonderful show. Geometrics!”