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Peek inside the Studio, my garden, and see our artists’ Show and Tells.

We recently showed you highlights from our 3-Day Annual Retreat, and now I’d love to show you a few photos of the activities that the artists participated in, from our Sketch Scavenger Hunt to Vintage Bingo.


Thought you might like to see photos of the Studio and back patio set up and ready for the arrival of the artists, Day One.

Above: Breakfast on the patio.

Attending Artists, from front right, moving clockwise around the table:
Kendra Binney (in light pink top) (Portland, OR)
Åsa Gilland (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Jennifer M Potter (San Francisco, CA)
Bambi Ramsey (California)
Erica Root (Philadelphia, PA)
Anke Rega (Berlin, Germany)
Kelly Anne Dalton (Montana)
Mara Penny (Oakland, CA)
Sarah Papworth (England)
Julia Christians (Germany)
Jessica Allen (Barrington, Rhode Island) (not pictured)


After a Studio update to discuss all of our exciting new plans for the future, it was time for a vintage Bingo break.

Above: Vintage Bingo break!


Below: Our Snoop Groups. The artists broke into small groups to discuss a particular topic. Then, they reported back to the larger group with tips and thoughts.

Sarah Papworth, Anke Rega, Åsa Gilland, Jessica Allen


Erica Root, Mara Penny, Kendra Binney, Bambi Ramsey


We devote a load of time at the Retreat for the artists to do teach-ins, where they show something like an art supply that they love, share a tech hack, or anything else they want to share.

Above, artist Kendra Binney (Portland, OR) shows some of the ‘cheap’ art supplies she uses in her art, which was surprising to all of us, because her work is so elegant and fancy. For original art that she sells, she covers the work in light-fast resin.


Artist Anke Rega demonstrated how she incorporates digital work with her traditional media work.


The Sketch Scavenger Hunt was new for this year. I gave our artists a list of things to look for in my garden (like “Draw an unusual leaf” or “Draw something purple”) and then they were free to roam and sketch.

Anke Rega, left, and Sarah Papworth


Julia Christians


Thank you, artists! See you next year!


I hope you enjoyed the show! Want great art for your project? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to assist you with any of your art needs. Get to know us here!
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From a letterpress 2018 calendar to hand-painted wooden ornaments

Every December I like to share with you some items my artists have for sale on their Etsy shops. Buy handmade!

These stunning wooden ornaments are actually hand-painted by Clairice Gifford. You can find them here.

Check out this lovely set of 4 cards by Flora Waycott. Great for that hard-to-buy-for friend.

Imagine enjoying Hsinping Pan’s 2018 letterpress calendar all year long. Get it here.

Going to be in New Hampshire on the 9th? Definitely check out Jenn Ski’s ceramic trunk show!

Want to sew up something from very cool fabric? Here’s a link to Helen Dardik’s collection for Clothworks.

Looking for a tote to pop everything in? Use this instead of a disposable gift bag. Snap up Marenthe’s lovely bag here.

Hope you enjoyed the show. Lookin’ for some great art? Contact us to license, buy or
commission art for your fabulous project. We are happy to help you!


P. S. Art Directors: Watch your inbox for our newsletters in January featuring our newest extravaganza, Lilla’s Art Menagerie, launching January 5th. Read more here.

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Make Cool Tote Bags with our Artists’ Art

We are delighted to be partnering with Spoonflower’s newest service, Sprout!


Sew tote bags and zipper pouches that have been beautifully designed by our artists! The fabric comes to you already printed with cut lines, so that means no paper patterns to lay out.



Zipper pouch and tote with Katie Vernon’s art



Tote bag with Tara Lilly’s art




Tote, zipper pouch and fabric design with Zoe Ingram’s art



Tote and zipper pouch with Rebecca Jones’ art

All Photos by Sprout and Caroline Okun

Order yours today here!  These will make a special gift for you or someone for the upcoming holidays.


What happens when I get a craft kit from Hallmark?

Hallmark sent me this kit “Handmade Hallmark” to play with. It’s my idea of a dream job. Here’s what the kit contains: 4 wooden ornaments, 4 embroidery floss skeins, 1 needle and 4 adhesive felt backers.IMG_4424

First, I wanted to cover the surface with color, and as I love embossing powders, I started with a good red one. They make a shiny, thick coat and are fun to use. So I first stamped the wood with Versamark pad which is sticky.


I sprinkle the powder on the sticky wood.IMG_4426

Next, the fun part which is melting the powder (which is like a waxy resin) with a heat gun. It takes about a minute.IMG_4429

To rubberstamp on top of the melted embossing powder (which is now shiny and water resistant), you need to use a permanent ink pad like StazOn. It’s like Sharpie ink. (Note: The melted powder is actually shinier than it appears in this photo. See end of blog post for other examples.)IMG_4430

How many different media can I use? I select Martha’s glitter which is really vivid and fine. First, I painted glue onto the piece and then sprinkled glitter.IMG_4431

I want to add an unexpected texture so I rummage through my trims and find tiny fuchsia pom poms which I glue on with Aleene’s tacky glue.IMG_4432

Let’s try sewing some of that thread into the holes. It’s quite fun. Then, I stick on some self-adhesive gems.IMG_4437

Let’s look at the mess as a whole:IMG_4449That was really fun. Here are some more pieces I made. I’ll go ahead and sew into the holes later.IMG_4457

It was fun to carve into the paint on this piece below.IMG_4482

For more inspiration from Hallmark artists, check out their blog, Think.Make.Share.  Purchase kits here.




Art Speed Dating + an intimate micro retreat

We’re busy getting ready this week for our exciting artist retreat #LillasRetreat that we’re hosting this Friday Sept. 25th and Saturday Sept. 26th!

We’re putting some of our top artists with top editors and art directors so they can play together and pitch projects in our gorgeous studio.

We call it Speed Art Dating.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.23.59 PM

Lilla Rogers Studio

Lilla will teach two innovative creative workshops, art directors will share how to dazzle with hot pitches, and our artists will pitch their ideas directly to these hot decision-makers. Throughout, there will be yummy eats and yoga too!

Lilla will also be video streaming on Periscope, the newest live interactive video app. During the scope, she’ll be interacting with those that tune in while she interviews her artists as they make art.

And what art they’ll make! They’ll carve block prints which they’ll print onto linen to make patterns.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.24.06 PM

Next, they’ll learn how to digitize their custom artwork to make embroidery with our state-of-the-art Janome 15000 machine embroidered onto linen! She’s hipping up this new technology!

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.24.12 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.23.38 PM

We’re thrilled to welcome VIPs from these companies to our retreat:

In addition, these top artists will be attending:

Here is a sneak peak at the Creative Retreat Itinerary! Be sure to stay tuned and follow along live with #LillasRetreat.

Workshop 1: Block Printing
The artists will carve large rubber blocks and then print onto lush silks to create fresh patterns.

Workshop 2: Mod Machine Embroidery
Lilla will teach her artists how to create innovative designs using Embrilliance software that they will then stitch onto gorgeous linens with our state-of-the-art Janome 15000 embroidery machine.

Speed Art Dating
Each artist will meet with each art director for ten minutes one-on-one, when they’ll be able to pitch their book projects or home décor collections, show new work, or just plain chat and ask their burning questions of these powerhouses.

Periscope Video
Lilla and team will be live video-streaming interviews of the artists and art directors, and engaging the viewers to ask questions of these inspiring folks. Watch @lillarogers on Periscope.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.24.18 PM




Three free quilt patterns using Susy Pilgrim Waters’ fabric from P&B

Using Susy’s Always Blooming collection, three designers came up with these 3 free quilt patterns found here at P&B Fabrics (scroll down to the bottom 1/4 of page). You can purchase Susy’s fabric online here and here.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 2.05.47 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 2.06.30 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 2.06.09 PM



Get Crafty with Suzy Ultman Kits

Lilla,  These crafty kits are all flashbacks to my childhood. As a girl, I would spend hours at the kitchen table coloring, cutting, stitching, and beading. Recently, I bought some “shrinky dink” sheets at a local craft store, and reconnected with the magic of baking & shrinking my drawings. I was inspired to pitch the idea to Land of Nod, and sent them some of my fun plastic creations. Now, one year later, there is a delightful, authentically Shrinky Dink set available through Land of Nod.  If you have a young sewer in the house, the colorful needlepoint kits, and playful stitch kits are a must have. Enjoy! Suzy

shrinky-dinks_blog2 shrinky-dinks_blog1 needlepoint_kits_blog1 mr.-sherwood-stitch-kit shrinky-dinks_blog1a needlepoint_kits_blog2 ms.-tulip-stitch-kit



New work by Hsinping Pan

Dear Lilla,

I made these two posters for a Taiwanese exhibition lately.
The theme of the show is”Play Together”. They invite designers and artists to create works that kids can enjoy.

Besides of the visual design for the show, I also made some rocking animals with my designer friends. They build rocking horse and other animals and then I painted on it.
You can see rabbit, tiger and giraffe here.Kids love it! We have a blast in the show!

And I also try to paint on the wall. It was new and fun!
So I just want to share with you! – Hsinping

Here I attached some photos.
05_all the animals 2


03_red horse




06_wall art

07wall art


Allison Cole’s gigantic, one-of-a-kind plush creature for Land of Nod

Hi Jennifer!

I created an oversize plush for Land of Nod on display at their Schaumburg, Illinois pop up shop, Mr. Mountain. This year they are hosting an online contest – anyone can enter to win him here:
The contest ends December 12th…. so hurry up and enter! – Allison



Jillian’s Yuki scrapbooking products for sale