Month: September 2012


Lilla Rogers Studio artists products for Land of Nod

Jillian Phillips’s Princess and the Pea bedding

Jon Cannell’s
Fire Cadet Bedding

Suzy Ultman’s Little House Nod Chair

Carolyn Gavin’s
Personalized Critters and Cars Wall Art


Susy Pilgrim Waters for Selvedge mag

Susy writes:

“hello Lilla,
I wanted share a project. I have been working on quite a a number pieces for selvedge magazine. It’s so nice to touch and handle as a publication; tactile, dense, and no nonsense!
One assignment thatI was processing is a set of illustrations about dyeing with natural dyes and the slow food movement.`Permaculture in California’ Is one of writer’s projects.
The pieces are written extremely’s sometimes hard for me to penetrate the text to make the illustrations I am going to do.SO I have to make a goes…

I just start…I was just relating to the colours that might be distilled from various plants…they give variable colors depending where they come from in the world..and even between counties…I was amazed.


Fiona’s fun, new temporary tattoos at Tattly!

See Fiona Richards’s (of Cartolina) tattoos below and purchase here. Tattly also sells tattoos by Mike Lowery, Lisa Congdon, Ann Boyajian, Amy Blay and Helen Dardik.


The latest, greatest work by Jillian Phillips

See more of Jillian’s work here.


Cloud 9 fabric announces their newest designer, Lisa Congdon

From the Cloud 9 blog:

Meet Our Newest Designer | Lisa Congdon
It’s been really hard to keep the lid on this new artist! Where to begin when talking about Lisa Congdon?! An artist represented by Lilla Rogers and whose personal clients include Random House Publishing, Target, Harper Collins, Land of Nod, American Greetings, Urban Outfitters, Running Press, and Trader Joe’s, among others. Her famous blog, Collection A Day was turned into a book. Her current blog chronicles 365 Days of Hand Lettering. She has exhibited her paintings and drawings in numerous galleries and shows. Her work can be found all over the internet. She’s an avid athlete who recently trained for and completed the California AIDS Lifecycle – a 7 day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Cloud9 Fabrics is so proud to be bringing you Lisa’s first fabric range due for release April ’13.”


Hsinping’s covers for Land of Nod

Hsinping writes:

“This year I made these covers for The Land of Nod catalog.
I always love their products and catalog. it’s so exciting to work with them.
I have a lot of fun with these three little people in different seasons.:)

Here are the images I did so far:”


Silvia Portella’s bedding is featured on Land of Nod website

Silvia’s bedding for LON is the star of their new fall collection. See more here. – Julia


Rachael Taylor’s doodling for charity

Our newest artist, Rachael, writes:

“The team at Rachael Taylor Designs officially invites you to come & watch the fantastic live event, ‘Designer Charity Doodle Wall’, which is running from the 16th to the 18th of September at Top Drawer! Rachael Taylor along with a group of her very talented designer friends will be doodling away to create a wallpaper sponsored by, the doodles will then be manipulated & turned into a fabulous wallpaper! All proceeds from the sale of the wallpaper will go to Cancer Research UK. Please donate to the wonderful event via our JustGiving page!”


New Work from John Coulter: Harvard Kennedy School

John writes:

“Hi Lilla,

This is a piece I did recently for Harvard Kennedy School, for an article about making voting processes more fair to everyone. I’ve included a close-up, sketch and final layout too.”


Jennifer Judd-McGee’s work on a recycling drop-off center

Our lovely agent, Susan McCabe, wrote about Jennifer Judd-McGee’s latest project:

“CLYNK, the Maine company that makes it easy to recycle and make a difference, celebrated the opening of its first-ever modular Drop-Off Center for redeemable containers on Sept 4. The new Drop-Off Center partners with local artists to help communicate the importance of recycling to protect our environment. For the inaugural Drop-Off Center, our very own Jennifer Judd-McGee was asked to create a custom paper-cut piece she titled “Local Color.” The piece was digitally enlarged to be featured on the Drop-Off Center at Hannaford’s in Portland, Maine.

Jennifer says about the project:
‘A lot of my artwork continually explores the ideas of community and living with intention. Working on this paper-cut design for CLYNK felt like a perfect fit: it’s about recycling, accessibility, local support and the ways we work together to strengthen the cities and towns in our beautiful state of Maine.’ ”