Susy Pilgrim Waters for Selvedge mag

Susy writes:

“hello Lilla,
I wanted share a project. I have been working on quite a a number pieces for selvedge magazine. It’s so nice to touch and handle as a publication; tactile, dense, and no nonsense!
One assignment thatI was processing is a set of illustrations about dyeing with natural dyes and the slow food movement.`Permaculture in California’ Is one of writer’s projects.
The pieces are written extremely densely..it’s sometimes hard for me to penetrate the text to make the illustrations I am going to do.SO I have to make a start..here goes…

I just start…I was just relating to the colours that might be distilled from various plants…they give variable colors depending where they come from in the world..and even between counties…I was amazed.

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  • I love those gorgeously saturated water-colours depicting the natural colours of fruit n veg!

    October 9, 2012

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