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Our Retreat Recap! See how we have fun while schmoozing with art directors.

We were thrilled to host our 5th Annual Artists & VIP Retreat at my home a few weeks ago. I’d love to share some of the highlights with you.

Above: Anke Rega, of Berlin, shows some of the artists a nifty way that she makes masks and layers on Photoshop.

Here’s the loveliness that was on Anke’s screen.

Below: Meet one of our newest artists, Åsa Gilland, who traveled from Indonesia for our event. Here, she shears some denim on craft day.

Above: Sarah Walsh drawing with a white paint pen on blue gouache.

Here I am salivating over Sarah Walsh’s art at our one-on-one speed dating. People, it’s all about the shoes, let’s face it.


Above: I should never leave these three alone. From right: Zoe Tucker, Brighton, England, Children’s Book Art Director who delighted all the artists with her expertise. Center:Artist Mara Penny of Oakland; Left: Zoe’s irreverent and lovable sister Dr. Kirsty Sinclair.

Above: Katie Vernon shows the artists images from her recent artist residency in Iceland.

Below: Clairice Gifford and Kendra Binney relaxing for a moment after Speed Art Dating with the Art Directors.
Senior Agent Susan McCabe with Storey Publishing Creative Director Alethea Morrison.

Below: Katie Vernon (Arizona), Anne Bentley (San Francisco)and Mara Penny (Oakland) finding pages in their books to show me for this photo.
Below: Artist Sarah Walsh with the BlueQ team Steve Wardlaw, Art Director, and Silka Glanzman, Designer, for Speed Art Dating. This is how we do business around here.

Tracy Shaw, Art Director, Jimmy Patterson Books, NYC, delighted us with her presentation on assigning book illustration.

I’m all about feeding my guests well. That lovely sloth plate was illustrated by Rebecca Jones forPetit Monkey.
Above: Senior Agent Susan McCabe with artist Anke Rega of Berlin.

We were honored to host Megan Gandt, Managing Art Director, Compendium, Seattle, and Ceci Butler, Designer, Design House Greetings, Minnesota. Their insights into their respective industries were illuminating.

We devote a load of time at the Retreat for the artists to do teach-ins, where they show an art supply they love, share a tech hack, etc. Here, artist Jennifer Potter (San Francisco) generously shows her speedy way to make technical pattern repeats.

I hope you enjoyed the show! Want great art for you project? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to assist you with any of your art needs. Get to know us here!
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New Products! A pup in a cup, a well-being illustration, honest history, and a dreamy paper collection

I love showing you our latest projects. This week we’ve got a lovely history book, a pretty children’s puzzle, a dreamy stationery set, and an illustration for a well-being magazine.

Sarah Walsh for Honest History

Rebecca Jones for Crocodile Creek

We’re looking for an illustration agent to join our team! Learn more here.

We’re getting ready for our Annual Artists and VIP Retreat here in Arlington, MA. Stay tuned to see more.

Katie Vernon for Roger la Borde

Trina Dalziel for Breathe Magazine

I hope you enjoyed the show! Want great art for you project? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to hear from you for any of your art needs. Susan and Joanne are standing by!
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Our Annual Retreat Highlights

When you mix up some of the top illustrators working today with a bunch of the most exciting VIPs in the industry, you get our 3rd Annual Artists Retreat at my studio/home/nearby lake. This is how we work with our artists on their career development, keep them inspired, and basically energize all of us.

Our artists, studio ladies, and Janine Vangool, publisher of UPPERCASE (on right).

Author Tami Charles teaches us some tricks for writing children’s books. #tamiwrites

Artist Marenthe, Agent Susan McCabe, and artist Clairice Gifford enjoy some laughs.

One of the highlights of our retreat is Speed Art Dating, where artists sit by the lake with art directors, founders, editors, and other VIPS to look at work, as questions, and even make deals for work. They take turns, with ten minutes to share, and then it’s on to the next table!
Companies that attended include: Blue Q, Hallmark, Quarto, Sterling, teNeues, Uppercase, Candlewick Press, Charlesbridge.
Here’s Clairice getting ready to show her portfolio to the next VIP. 
Some of the artists brought their sketchbooks to show as Jessica Allen did here.
Sarah Walsh, Katie Vernon, and Mara Penny are working on 
an assignment I gave them (to be revealed in a future newsletter!)
Here’s Katie Vernon and Marenthe in my garden sketching out ideas.
XO, Lilla






We’re getting ready for our 3rd Annual LRS Artists Retreat!

Over here at Lilla Rogers Studio we’re getting ready for our 3rd Annual Artists Retreat for our represented artists. Starting this Sunday, it’s three days of making art together, learning new things, schmoozing with top VIPs in the business, eating well and more. Here’s my garden where we’ll hang out the first day. Follow along at #lillasretreat on Instagram.


Guess who is coming to our Retreat? We’ve got VIPS from companies such as Blue Q, Hallmark, Quarto, teNeues, Candlewick, Sterling Publishers and Janine Vangool, Publisher of the highly acclaimed UPPERCASE Magazine. She’s hanging out with us and I’m sure she and I will concoct some pretty interesting ideas beneficial for both brands. And that, my friend, is how we do business around here. I always say “Play business like it’s a game.” That means: have fun with it.

We are honored that Mitch Nash, the founder of BlueQ, will be attending our Retreat. We love BlueQ!

I’m getting the back garden prettied up. I like an informal setting, plying everyone full of lots of good food and drink to inspire creativity, ideas, and relaxation. I’m going to lead my artists on a very cool art project which I show you in a later newsletter. Stay tuned!

Imagine what my artists are going to do with all this goodness on Day Three: Craft Day! I’m giving each of them blank tote bags to decorate. We’re talking inks, fabric paints, sashiko thread, gem setters, Helen Dardik rubber-stamps, sequins… See that little face in the middle? That’s my test piece, LOL. When Flora Waycott and Kate Mason come (a few days early from Australia) they’ll make a little sampler to test the materials.