New Products! A pup in a cup, a well-being illustration, honest history, and a dreamy paper collection

I love showing you our latest projects. This week we’ve got a lovely history book, a pretty children’s puzzle, a dreamy stationery set, and an illustration for a well-being magazine.

Sarah Walsh for Honest History

Rebecca Jones for Crocodile Creek

We’re looking for an illustration agent to join our team! Learn more here.

We’re getting ready for our Annual Artists and VIP Retreat here in Arlington, MA. Stay tuned to see more.

Katie Vernon for Roger la Borde

Trina Dalziel for Breathe Magazine

I hope you enjoyed the show! Want great art for you project? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to hear from you for any of your art needs. Susan and Joanne are standing by!
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