Month: August 2011


Helen’s latest patterns – “Beautiful Weirdos”

See more of Helen’s work here.

Lisa DeJohn’s Animal Alphabet Quilt


Cool shop in Gloucester, MA

Lovely agent Susan McCabe writes:

“If you happen to find yourself in Gloucester, MA during these waning days of summer, Check out Scout. It’s fabulous shop full of nifty finds that Scout King discovers on her vintage scouting trips! Best of all, she’s got the real deal—Loads of McCoy pottery!”

Helen’s latest patterns – “Beautiful Weirdos”


My Lunch Box by Rebecca Bradley

Rebecca writes,
“Here is a fun product for back to school! It’s in a great box with recipe cards, stickers and lashings of illustrations!”

As Chronicle Books describes the product:
“So long, soggy ham sandwiches and PB&J! My Lunch Box offers families exciting new possibilities for packed lunches. These 50 simple recipes feature inventive sandwiches, tasty salads, healthy treats, and more. With so many yummy options to choose from, parents and children will gain a new perspective on lunch and another fun way to cook together!”

You can purchase My Lunch Box here from Chronicle Books.


Jenn Ski’s scrapbooking items are “Deal of the Day!”

Today only there are some great deals on beautiful Jenn Ski Actopus to Zelephant scrapbooking items at A Cherry on Top.


Back to school stationery for Dutch department stores HEMA by Silvia Dekker

Silvia writes,

“Hi, Lilla! I have been designing Back to school stationery for Dutch department stores HEMA for a few years now. The stationery collection is available in over 500 stores in Europe. It has diaries, notebooks, book wrapping paper, even USB sticks, a floral computer mouse and everything else you could need for when school starts.. I love working on it and it is always great to see the end results in the store. This is a small part of last year’s collection and of this year. I hope you like it!”


Lisa DeJohn’s Alphabet Animals turn up in Jewel’s Nursery as seen in People Magazine!

Lisa writes:

“Hi Lilla, I got an email from my sister-in-law on Friday exclaiming that my Alphabet Animals flash cards from Chronicle Books were in the newest issue of People Magazine! Turns out that the famous country singer Jewel has them hanging above the changing table in her new baby Kase’s nursery. It made my day, to say the least :)”

You can purchase Lisa’s Alphabet Animal from Chronicle Books here.


Something to cool you off!

Linda writes:

“Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share some photo’s of the ice sculptures I saw on my trip to Antartica years ago. I’ve been pining to travel and reflecting back on this epic adventure. Though it’s been some time since this trip, these images never cease to inspire me. I was in awe of these wondrous sculptures in all their forms. The light casting off the ice was luminous.
We were able to tour through mazes of these in our zodiacs and get up close enough to see all the dips and striations. Being detail-oriented in my work as an artist, I was enthralled by just how much was going on with these masses of ice. Floating nearby in our boats we could see the weather worn intricacies, seemingly chiseled away, and hear drops of water dripping into the ocean. I couldn’t get enough of these.”


Helen’s cool new pattern

See more of Helen’s work here.

Friday: Something to cool you off!


New Limited Edition Print by Sarajo Frieden

Sarajo writes;

“A new limited edition print, “back to the garden” has just been released by The Working Proof. It’s beautifully printed by POVevolving, and I think they did a great job capturing all the nuance of the original piece which is gouache, cut paper and a bit of stitching. A percentage of the proceeds benefit the wonderful organization 826 National. Edition of 50 signed prints.”

Click here to purchase.

Helen’s cool new pattern


Hsinping’s contribution to the NPR Calendar

Hsinping writes:

“Hi Lilla,
I would like to show you this drawing I did for NPR 2012 Calendar.
I am so happy to have the chance to work with them,I love NPR.
NPR inspires and accompanies me when I am drawing.
In this drawing, I want to show that how people enjoy a good time NPR music and how many great things grow from it.
Thank you!”

New Limited Edition Print by Sarajo Frieden