Month: August 2011


Jenn Ski’s Kitchen paper products pattern

Jenn writes:

“Hey Lilla,

Got a tweet from Orange Circle Studio recently…

‘Love your twitter background! It’s been one of our bestsellers this season.’
I did a spoon and fork pattern (which can be seen on my twitter page) for Orange Circle Studio which will be on kitchen paper products like recipe cards, meal planners, etc. The line can be found through their online wholesale catalog.


Linda’s Flower Pop notecards for teNeues

Linda writes:

“Hi Lilla!

The Flower Pop notecards I did with teNeues are out! I’ve just received my copies + I couldn’t be more excited. As an admirer of their products for so many years, I’m thrilled to now find my work among their collection!!”

Jenn Ski’s Kitchen paper products pattern


Runners-up of They Draw & Travel Marvelous Map contest

As well as picking the winner, Lilla chose the five runners-up in the They Draw & Travel map contest.

Our “Datcha” near Tashkent, Uzbekistan by Yulia Drobova from Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Miyajima, Japan by Megumi Goto from Tokyo, Japan

Home Sweet Seattle by Cheryl Lee from Seattle, WA

The Fantastic Antarctica by Aneu Martinez from Barcelona, Spain

Aylesford, UK by Rebecca Bradley from Baltimore, MD

Linda’s Flower Pop notecards for teNeues


Lilla picks the They Draw & Travel marvelous map contest winner

From the They Draw & Travel site:

“Wow. Wow! WOW! We received 225 entries in our Marvelous Map Contest. They are all so beautiful and inspirational and informative and unique. Some are really funny, others are super hip, lots are really cute and a bunch are true masterpieces! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the great artists who so joyfully share their artistic talents and travel insights with us and armchair travelers everywhere.

Picking only 6 winners was almost impossible and we could NOT have done it without the help from our celebrity judge, Lilla Rogers. Lilla represents some of the greatest illustrators in the world and we really respect her aesthetic sensibilities and style. A big thanks to Lilla!

$1,000 Grand Prize Winner
Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok by Pinyada Ratanasungk from Bangkok, Thailand
Our judge Lilla says that she loved this map especially ‘…for the gorgeous, masterful drawings, the color palette, the unique and fresh imagery, the ability to pique interest in the location.’ We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!”

Thank you Salli and Nate for the wonderful opportunity to see so much gorgeousness! It was a real treat and honor to judge the work. – Lilla

Friday: Runners-up of the They Draw & Travel map contest


Sarajo’s illustrations for The Clean Plate Club Cookbook

Sarajo writes:

“Yesterday’s post brought a copy of the Clean Plate Club Cookbook. Land of Nod commissioned the illustrations and it will be for sale in their shops along with a percentage of proceeds to benefit the No Kid Hungry campaign. Recipes were submitted by kids near and far, and it’s a fun activity for grown-ups and kids to share. Bon appetit!”