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Zoe Ingram and Lilla in latest issue of Where Women Create Business


Huge thanks to Jo Packham and the team at Where Women Create Business for the beautiful 8-page article on 2013 Global Talent Search winner Zoe Ingram.


The feature was part of Zoe’s prize, along with a host of licensing deals and representation by Lilla Roger Studio, and it gives a fascinating into Zoe’s journey to this point.


In it she shares her top advice for artists starting out, including keeping an open mind, taking time away from what you are doing to refresh yourself, budgeting well, finding a support group and using social media creatively to promote yourself for free. If you want to know more you can hear an interview with Zoe here.


The same issue (Vol 2 Issue 2) also features Lilla’s story from illustrator to agent, and is packed with insights from a host of inspiring female creative entrepreneurs.

Have you got what it takes to be the next winner Global Talent Search winner? The 2014 competition is open for pre-registration here. Join us – you never know, you might just win!


amazing new iphone and ipad cases by marco marella on society6

Hi Lilla! I am having lots of fun with my new work on patterns and florals, please check out my new ipone and ipad cases on my shop at society6. The illustration is still available for licensing!






Just a girl and her brush…


Take a moment out of your day to watch this gorgeous video by MATS course graduate Wendy Brightbill (aka A Girl and Her Brush). Although Make Art That Sells is packed with the insider knowledge that only comes from Lilla’s three decades’ of experience in the business, it’s amazing the most powerful thing people come away with is actually nothing to do with money or selling at all. But what they learn is what will lead them to making more art that ultimately does sell. Have a look for yourself…

Are you ready to start making more commercially viable art whilst staying true to yourself? Do you want to get inside the head of art directors in ten of the hottest markets for art, and find out exactly what they are looking for? Do you want to become part of a community of supportive artists who are just like you? If so, you need Make Art That Sells.


The next class starts THIS MONDAY on March 31. Don’t miss out! Find out more and register here.


Q&A with Lilla

question of the dayWALL

It’s Friday so it must be time for Lilla’s popular Q&A column, with questions from the previous class of Make Art That Sells. You can see what a wide variety of topics are covered – and you might even find the answer to that burning question you have been wanting to ask!

Q) When you were given an assignment that was challenging what did you do to “find your joy”? Are their methods your artists use to work past this kind of block?

Lilla: Here’s how. Be a positive person. Find the joy in many things. Search the assignment to find something that you connect with. This is what I told my kids when they had a paper to write in high school.

Q) What is the typical commission an agent earns for selling at artist’s work?

Lilla: Agents take anywhere from 30 – 50%. They handle all aspects, not just selling art. They promote, market, negotiate, read contracts, invoice, so second invoicing, manage rights of images, support and advise the artists, etc. I also give my artists trend reports that I create, exhibit at two shows, and more. We do everything but the art.

Q) How important is it to show real products made with my art on the websiteeven if I think that my art has evolved recently?

Lilla: I would show whatever kind of work you want to attract. If you don’t like the old work, don’t show it. You can simply list clients on your site.

Q) When submitting card designs, does it make sense to also show a repeat pattern & coordinates alongside them or is it better to incorporate a repeat and coordinate into the actual card designs?

Lilla: Cards are best as a non-repeat. Look at cards in the marketplace and see. Note that you can send a variety of your art to a variety of clients, and it doesn’t always have to be an exact match. For example, you may have a artwork of a bird mailing a letter, say, with a repeat pattern on it at the bottom, and you can certainly send that to a variety of markets, like card companies, bolt fabric companies, wall art, baby apparel, etc. An art director or agent will see the possibilities in the work you send. We love seeing something fresh and delightful, and can extrapolate where we can use that art.

Q) When submitting designs, is it OK to send out multiple submissions simultaneously? What if two companies end up wanting the same design? Would they not get upset if you send them a submission and later tell them it is unavailable?

Lilla: That’s perfectly fine. You can’t wait around for a client to respond. They know that you’re showing your work to lots of folks. Think about how an email newsletter shows lots of new work to lots of clients at once. If, by chance, the art has been picked up in the very same market, we show other work to the client, or let them know that they can commission new work by the artist in question. It’s a numbers game. Here’s the equation: Send lots of art to lots of clients, often.


Q) When adding designs to a website should they be password protected? Don’t some companies prefer to buy artwork that has not been posted publicly? Susan Cousineau

Lilla: Yes, that’s true. We like having a mix of work we blog, post, etc., and work that is password protected. You need to get some of your work out there so you are seen, however, and password protected art is not a must. It’s not done in the editorial market, for instance, because all the work is specific, and is commissioned.

Q) I am an “art chameleon”. For about ten years, my knack for producing work

in a lot of different styles and media has served me very well. Should I be pushing myself to narrow my range or would it be a good idea to show a variety of work?

Lilla: I’ll ask you, what excites you the most? How has it been going in class? Do you like narrowing or like to try different things? Some artists do a variety, but to be known as a branded artist, you’ll want to evolve into a style. Now,

that said, the style might have variations in media and some range, as you saw in my illustration career in last week’s video. You’re saying that the variety of styles has served you well, and if you are happy with then, then full steam ahead! Don’t you wish there was a clear cut answer to some of these art things? LOL.


Got your own questions for Lilla? Join us for the next round of Make Art That Sells. Class begins March 31.

Book your spot here!


Does ‘Make Art That Sells’ actually work? Yes. Here’s the proof.

So does ‘Make Art That Sells’ actually work? Do artists who take the class actually sell more art? Well yes, they do. We asked class participants for examples of their successes since taking the course, and were staggered by the response, bearing in mind that some people only took the course 4-5 months ago. Students have since secured licensing deals in the gift, editorial, baby apparel, bolt fabric, wall art, greetings, home décor, paper and fashion markets, many have won competitions and a number have been signed for representation.

It’s also really important to say that people join Make Art That Sells (MATS) at different stages of their creative journey. Some are nearly ready to seek out work, others less so. For many people the greatest breakthrough is a new level of confidence in their work, a fresh love of creating, or a deep feeling of connection with others in the community. Success looks different for everyone. The licensing deals, competition wins and studio signings are the easy things to measure. The impact it makes on people’s lives – on the way they see themselves as artists, and the way the see their work – is perhaps the thing that we are most proud of.

Here is a selection of class participants who have a lot to celebrate since taking Make Art That Sells. If you want this for YOUR art career, join us for the next class which begins on Monday 31 March!

Victoria Johnson

Victoria Johnson

“Initially I wasn’t sure whether I shouldn’t have been just adding to my portfolio, rather than taking time out to follow a course. Little did I know how much MATS would influence my ability to produce a good portfolio. I feel so much better equipped to tackle the challenges ahead and achieve my goals – armed with a massively bumped up level of motivation and a far more profound knowledge of this business – and myself as a part of it.

I really sensed a warmth of spirit and generosity towards us students from Lilla. I’ve been used to working in very competitive environments where your concept of abundance was almost completely absent and the emphasis was on one-up-manship in order to grab the largest piece of a very limited pie! I’ve the loved the nurturing, sharing aspect of this course and will do everything possible to pay it forward with a similar attitude to my peers!”

Causes for celebration since MATS:

– Signed contract to work with leading US card manufacturer and created test collection of 12 designs

– Sold numerous designs to another leading US card manufacturer, one of which was based on a combination of two MATS Part A projects

– Commissioned to work on 8 piece collection and a concept design for another leading US card retailer.

– Won Editor’s Pick in Minted/West Elm Together Again competition with a design based on my Bromeliad project from MATS Part A

– Will be in the upcoming issue #21 of UPPERCASE magazine’s Surface Pattern Design Guide (also based on work from MATS Part A)

– Commissioned to work on key concepts by leading UK stationery retailer.

– Featured on Print and Pattern Blog 5 times since taking MATS Part A

See more of Victoria’s work on her website here.


Este MacLeod

Este MacLeod

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Work licensed for giclee prints by large British department store chain John Lewis

– Work licensed to Paperchase for their fine art card range

See more of Este’s work on her website here.


C is for cryptozoology

Jennifer Wambach

I wasn’t sure MATS was for me, but every day I see my work improving exponentially and good things are starting to happen. I’m convinced it was worth the investment… and then some! The most valuable thing I learned in the course was how incredibly important it is to have fun. I never made the connection before, but looking back, the projects I loved working on so much that I’d forget to eat were always the ones that won contests and sold the best, so it’s absolutely true!

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Secured a licensing deal with KekaCase

– Three top 10 places in Spoonflower’s Fabric of the Week contests

See more of Jennifer’s work on her website here.



Emma Trithart

“Make Art That Sells helped motivate me to keep making personal work outside of my comfort zone.”

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Got signed for representation by Lemonade Illustration Agency

See more of Emma’s work on her website here.


Anne Bollman

Anne Bollman

“The most important thing I have learned so far in MATS is that creativity cannot be used up and that the more I use my creativity the better I get! In Lilla Rogers’ words, “Talent is not finite!””

Causes for celebration since MATS:

– Secured my first licensing deal with Oopsy Daisy

– Won the Print & Pattern Scholarship for The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design

– Featured on Print & Pattern

– Will be in the upcoming issue #21 of UPPERCASE magazine’s Surface Pattern Design Guide

See more of Anne’s work on her website here.



Barbara Chotiner

“MATS has given me the courage to fully explore the creativity inside me. It has pushed me further than I have gone before, and with all the new work I am creating I feel very excited at what is to come in the future. I am using materials in combinations I had never explored before and the influence of MATS can be seen in much of my graphic design work as well.”

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Two new illustration commissions

– Wall art featured in the Surface Pattern Design feature in the upcoming issue of Uppercase

See more of Barbara’s work on her website here.


Gaia Cornwall

“I learned so much from MATS, but the biggies for me were: “People buy your joy” and to find those people submit, submit, submit!– it’s a numbers game!“

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– A print of my mixed media piece, Elk on The Ridge, was selected to be sold by West Elm in collaboration with Minted

See more of Gaia’s work on her website here.


Designer Profile Kathrin Legg copy

Kathrin Legg

“I have learnt so much in MATS A and Bootcamp, particularly how to dissect a brief into small manageable parts by having fun with the minis and then focusing on the big assignment. I also learnt lots of hot tips on color and icons and to never shy away from a new challenge, no matter how scary it may seem at first!”

Cause for celebration since MATS:

See more of Kathrin’s work on her website here.


Patty Rybolt

Patty Rybolt

“I have grown so much through MATS A, MATS B and Bootcamp.”

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Won a Spoonflower contest for fabric design

See more of Patty’s work on her website here.


Emma Schonenberg

Emma Schonenberg

“When I enrolled in MATS Part A I had no idea what an eye opener I was going to be! Let alone all the amazing things I learned, receiving input from my MATS mates and Mama Lilla. It felt like family and the funny thing is, going into the class (the very fist week) I thought it was going to be difficult because nobody knows anybody (on the most part) and are from all over the globe… But that ART-LOVE-CONNECTION is what makes all that family magic come to life!”

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Wall art licensed by a Brazilian company and debuted at the ABUP Show in Sao Paolo this month

See more of Emma’s work on her client’s website here or on her Facebook page.



Margot Miller

“My biggest takeaway from the MATS classes is the importance of recognizing we are all on our own creative path so to just keeping working towards goals, and keep doing it joyfully!”

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Greeting card featuring ornament assignment from MATS Part B licensed to Calypso Cards

See more of Margot’s work on her website here.



Reika Hunt

“There are so many things that I’ve learned in MATS, but I think the most important for me is the inspiration and motivation to make art and enjoy making art, which was so hard for me before I took the course.”

Causes for celebration since MATS:

– Licensed work for fabric

– In the top 10 of a Spoonflower fabric design competition

See more of Reika’s work on her website here.


Lauren Minco

Lauren Minco

“The most important thing I’ve learned from MATS is that you should make art you love rather than trying to fit into a style that is not ‘you’.”

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Runner up in the Print & Pattern Design Scholarship for The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design

See more of Lauren’s work on her website here.



Shannon Newlin

“What I learned the most was to find inspiration but take your own creative risks… I found a sense of relief and joy in this process.”

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Will be in the upcoming issue #21 of UPPERCASE magazine’s Surface Pattern Design Guide

See more of Shannon’s work on her website here.



Linda Tordoff

“The most important things I learned in MATS were to just draw and have fun exploring a subject before you start thinking about the final design. Always go the extra mile with your designs, add one extra thing to turn it from good to great, and finally, check the design works thumbnail size.”

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Now represented by Paper & Cloth Studio who contacted Linda after seeing her MATS Assignment Bootcamp cuckoo clock iPhone design

– My work will be shown at Surtex in May (with Paper & Cloth)

See more of Linda’s work on her website here.



Jan Avellana

“The most important thing I learned in MATS is to be you with a vengeance. Lilla and my MATS tribe of fellow artists have been

pivotal in helping me apply this one truth to my art because of their awesome support and encouragement!”

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Featured on the front cover of the Surface Pattern Design Guide in upcoming issue #21 of UPPERCASE magazine

See more of Jan’s work on her website here.



Kathy Weller

“From MATS, what has stuck with me is integrating my analog sketching/painting directly into my finished digital work. For many years I’d just redraw everything digitally and end up feeling like the magic of the sketches was “sacrificed” by the digital medium. No more! Now, I use my analog art in the final work in very direct ways. The work has more depth, mood and atmosphere, and I am just so much happier with both the process and with the results!”

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Secured a licensing deal with Oopsy Daisy for wall art

See more of Kathy’s work on her website here.



Brooke Witt

“Since enrolling in Lilla’s classes my portfolio and professionalism has grown exponentially. The most important thing I learned in MATS is icons! You can never have too many icons to work with. Thinking icons first has changed my entire way workflow and I’m a much better designer because of it.”

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Secured licensing opportunities in the stationery and gift markets

– Receive fairly regular enquiries for commissions and a boost in website traffic directly from the MATS Bootcamp Gallery

See more of Brooke’s work on her website here.


Farida Zaman

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Got signed for representation by Studio Voltaire

– Have bags manufactured with Sunsand

See more of Farida’s work on her website here.



Rebecca Jones

“By far the biggest thing I learned from MATS was to just draw, draw and then draw some more, and not to start worrying about how the finished design will look until later. I found it so liberating to be able to draw and play without worrying!”

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Licensing deal for holiday cards

See more of Rebecca’s work on her website here.


Stephanie Corfee

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Work licensed by Oopsy Daisy, DENY Designs, and PMI (gift, home décor and fashion)

– Three books with Walter Foster Publishing

See more of Stephanie’s work on her website here.


Lilla R_Collage When I saw u

Deborah Velasquez

“The most important thing I learned in MATS is to “put yourself out there, someone will buy your joy”.”

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Work licensed for wall art

– Have won seven awards

See more of Deborah’s work on her website here.



Mary Tanana

“MATS helped me to take my designs to the next level by teaching me to fully explore a theme or a trend in a few simple steps and to not get overwhelmed by the project itself. The caliber of designers and artists that make up each MATS class is second to none. I loved to learn from everyone around me and gain valuable insight and experience from this talented group.”

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Licensed designer for digital textile fabric manufacturer Modern Yardage

See more of Mary’s work on her website here.



Lyndy Hants

“My greatest lesson from MATS? Be YOU with a vengeance!”

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Wall art licensed to The Art Group

See more of Lyndy’s work on her website here.



Ashley Lotecki

“With Lilla’s direction and projects, as well as the support of the amazing community, I was able to strengthen my creative voice and begin sharing my work with others.”

Cause for celebration since MATS:

– Won the Spoonflower fashion themed fabric design contest (This was the first time Ashley had put any designs created under her own name out in the world, and she says this was “In no small part a result of my experience with MATS.”

See more of Ashley’s work on her website here.



Brooke Albrecht

“I’ve learned how to let my instincts and joy drive the work and the markets will become apparent. Some of my classmates have been of the highest caliber and I see the hard work and dedication it gets to be at the top, but I realize with perseverance and time I can get there.”

See more of Brooke’s work on her website here.


Win a stack of goodies from Lilla Rogers Studio!

Fun Pack products 2

One of the many great things about representing a large group of hugely talented artists is that we receive gorgeous products featuring their art on a daily basis. We have bundled up some of our top picks and are giving this lovely pile of stash away, along with a signed copy of Lilla’s book ‘I just like to make things’. In order to be in with a chance to win you just have to pre-register for the 2014 Global Talent Search.

What is the Global Talent Search? In essence it is a phenomenal opportunity to win representation by Lilla Rogers Studio and a host of licensing deals, but it is also a great way to showcase your work and motivate yourself in the process. You can listen to last year’s winner, Zoe Ingram, talk about how it has transformed her art career here.

The 2014 Global Talent Search will run for several weeks through the Summer. Dates, judges and prizes will be revealed when registration opens in June.

Pre-register here to be the first to hear when the Global Talent Search opens for registration in early Summer. You do not want to miss it!

PS Did you know, the best way to prepare for the Global Talent Search is to join Lilla’s class and product younger, nothing.

Want to know more about the course? Watch a short video of Lilla explaining why it is so valuable here.


Why do you need Make Art That Sells?

As the new term of Make Art That Sells rapidly approaches (courses start on Monday), we have been receiving lots of enquiries about who it is for, what they will learn and why it is valuable. Lilla thought it would be helpful to make a short video to explain why Make Art That Sells (MATS) could be a hugely important investment for your art career:

[Please note, if you cannot view this video it is due to a bug which is affecting thousands of users – Vimeo is currently investigating and we hope you will be able to view it soon. You can try advising your ISP that you cannot view Vimeo videos, or try watching it on your mobile with wi-fi OFF… or check back later!]

In short, this phenomenal class from the Lilla Rogers Studio School will teach you everything you need to know to sell your art in the ten hottest markets in the world. If you want to make more commercially viable art whilst staying true to yourself, this is for you. Is that exactly what you need right now? Then join us – but hurry as class begins on Monday. Register here.

Class begins on March 31 – so you can squeeze it in before the competition begins.


The 2014 Global Talent Search will run for several weeks through the Summer. Dates, judges and prizes will be revealed when registration opens in June.

Pre-register here to be the first to hear when the Global Talent Search opens for registration in early Summer. You do not want to miss it!

PLUS If you jump on the list before Monday 31 March, you will be entered into a draw to win a stack of goodies from Lilla Rogers Studio!

So join the list now, and be sure to tell your friends about it!



MATS Bootcamp March class gallery now live!

The second gallery from our hot new course Make Art That Sells: Assignment Bootcamp is now live! You can view it here:


The gallery features over 400 pieces of original art inspired by the March class assignments… vintage jello molds for bolt fabric!


We loved seeing such a rich variety of submissions in response to this fun and quirky brief, and love the supportive energy in the Bootcamp community. What a generous, talented group of artists they are!

mar gal

If you want to find out more about any of the featured artists, just click on their work so it opens up larger, then click on the link above the image. Happy viewing!


If you want professional level assignments to stretch you to create fresh signature pieces that are ready to sell in multiple markets, cutting edge trend and inspiration from an art agent who licenses and commissions projects for her artists every single day, and insight into how to make art that sells in the top ten hottest markets for art, join us for Make Art That Sells (class begins on Monday – register here!)


We have also just opened pre-registration for the 2014 Global Talent Search. Find out more and get on the pre-registration list here, or listen to last year’s winner talk about how her career has completely turned around as a result here.


Dream-come-true children’s book: i carry your heart

Mati blog_book_1

Mati blog_book_2

Mati blog_book_3

Hi! I am so happy to introduce my new children’s book “i carry your heart,” published by the super husband-wife team at My totally better for. Larger flavor this because about lips them only and revatio cost different improved a isotretinoin online Not texture a a.

mother + child through the delights of early childhood. This poem has long been a favorite poem of mine; I’ve incorporated its words + themes into my personal art for years! So I was over the moon to illustrate this special book. I hope the art will touch your heart too <3

Follow the book’s Facebook page for up-to-date purchase info, giveaways, events, etc. :)

Mati blog_book_4

Mati blog_book_5

More glimpses inside over on my blog :)

Mati blog_book_6

Join me for a festive launch event + book signing at Mrs. Dalloway’s in Berkeley, CA on Thursday, March 27 from 5-7 pm.

Find the book in local bookstores (like our dear Mrs. Dalloway’s) and online March 25! Now available for pre-order online. Follow the book’s Facebook page for up-to-date info on purchasing options!

Over on Etsy, you can purchase a one-of-a-kind original art spread featured in the book. These paintings are very near + dear to my heart; I hope they can find loving homes in your child’s space or family room :)

Mati blog_book_8

When you buy a spread, you will receive a pair of 10×10″ mixed media paintings on fine wood panel. I recommend displaying the 2 paintings together! Each spread has its own special twist… view them all here.

Mati blog_book_7 Find the book in local bookstores (like our dear Mrs. Dalloway’s) and online March 25! Now available for pre-order online. Follow the book’s Facebook page for up-to-date info on purchasing options.

Mati blog_book_9

Due to popular demand, I am offering a limited edition of illustration prints. These large 13×19″ prints feature an original art spread from the book!


— Limited edition of 50 signed prints

— Print is numbered + signed by the artist (me!), professionally packaged & shipped with care

— Available framed; order frame here

Mati blog_book_10