2014 Global Talent Search

The 2014 Lilla Rogers Studio Global Talent Search is now underway, with more than 1000 artists from all over the globe seeking representation from one of the world’s top agents.

Somebody’s going to win, and their art career will change forever. All will be revealed here over the coming weeks!

Please note registration is now closed. For details of the competition please see the archived info below…

Lilla Rogers is one of the top art + illustration agents in the world, representing 38 artists internationally.

She has collectively sold over $100 million worth of products — and when it comes to making your portfolio as commercially viable as possible, she knows exactly what buyers want to see.

She’s always on the lookout for emerging talent, but she only takes on a couple of new artists each year.


GTS 2013 Final piece by winner Zoe Ingram

The 2014 Global Talent Search offers one artist the chance to be represented by Lilla for TWO YEARS (and secure a host of licensing deals) — an opportunity that WILL change your career forever.

But even if you’re not chosen, just ENTERING the Talent Search is a HUGE deal.

Entrants’ work will be reviewed by a panel of leading art directors and industry experts. We’ve had past contestants secure major licensing deals, just by throwing their hat in the ring. You can download the competition schedule here.