Meet the 2016 GTS Winners


The winner of the 2016 Global Talent Search is…




Marenthe Otten for the final round

Giant congratulations to the lovely Marenthe! She is a true original, an iconoclast. We loved how fearless she is in creating her magical world. Because of this, and her broad range of imagery and themes, you’ll see a career that will have longevity and breadth. In addition, we liked that she had been a successful designer for many years so she understands how to work professionally and collaboratively. We are delighted to now represent Marenthe Otten. We can’t wait to fill her docket with commissions, licenses, and consultations with VIPs.

We were blown away by the calibre of the final submissions, and have scooped up two additional artists!

Congratulations to our two Special Studio Award Winners!



We are madly in love with Terri’s witty and colorful art. Everyone smiles when they see her work. She’s frequently been in the highly-regarded juried annual, American Illustration, and has designed toys in-house for many years. Her work runs from highly sophisticated wit to funky/adorable. We are thrilled to add her to our agency.



Terri Fry Kasuba for the final GTS round



Meet Anne, the delightful sophisticate. As a matter of fact, the Boston Globe commissioned Anne right from the newsletter I sent out announcing the 5 Finalists! And here is her piece that she completed-right smack in the middle of the GTS final competition. Anne’s background in fine art is evident in her work. Her unique color palettes, along with her masterful renderings of individuals in stylish settings won us over. Plus, she is a really nice person! As with Marenthe and Terri, I delighted in watching Anne’s work blossom in my MATS e-courses.



Anne Bentley for the final GTS round

And a big congratulations to all the other Finalists: Colee Wilkinson, Mara Penny, and Sharon Montgomery. This is a very intense and demanding competition, and to arrive at the Finals is a massive honor. You each did gorgeous work and we know your careers will thrive.


Lilla and the studio ladies