Meet Us

Lilla Rogers, Founder


Lilla’s love for art inspired her to pursue a degree in fine art in San Francisco and a second degree in illustration, and to launch a fruitful illustration career in New York City in the ’80s. But it was the entrepreneurial gene she inherited from her parents that led her into the agency business. Lilla has the extraordinary ability to recognize new artistic trends as well as technology developments that allow illustration to morph and take on a new life. Read more about Lilla Here.

Susan McCabe, Senior Agent


Here’s how it all started: I attended Boston College (English Literature/Philosophy) and graduated wondering what I was going to do with the rest of my life! At 19, I had the opportunity to head to Idaho to open an ice-cream shop so I jumped at the chance! I’ve hiked the Sawtooths, traveled down the Snake and Columbia Rivers in a speed boat, road my bike in the Pacific Northwest, England, Ireland and Scotland, traveled to Europe and finally settled in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district for a few years.
Professionally, I plied my talents in graphic design working for High Technology magazine, Random House, and Inc. magazine, which focused on small businesses.

It was at Inc. magazine where I fell in love with illustration and I confirmed my affinity for business endeavors. Inc. was buying a lot of terrific illustration at the time, and it was while there that I first commissioned work from top international illustrators, including several Lilla Rogers Studio artists. I then freelanced as art director for Body & Soul magazine. I went on to work at Harvard Business Review as an Associate Art Director, where again I enjoyed assigning illustration. I’ve also had the pleasure of working for Tufts Office of Publications, Harvard University’s JFK School of Public Leadership and a wide variety of clients.

I was delighted to meet Lilla in person in 2005, and she offered me the opportunity of a lifetime—representing talented artists! Growing the studio with Lilla and helping artists earn a living continues to be satisfying and rewarding. Not to mention a hellava lot of fun!

Q: What do you love about being an agent? 
I love facilitating creativity and seeing the amazing visions of our artists. I love problem solving, design, numbers, color and seeing 2-D art go 3-D when it’s used on products that I can drink out of or wear! I love the business piece of running an agency such as strategizing how we can grow the business and increase opportunities for our artists.

Q: How is Lilla Rogers Studio a unique agency?
LRS is unique in that Lilla leverages her love of teaching and mentoring. She wants the artists to learn new things and stretch their muscles. It’s never routine here, there is always another great idea waiting to be pursued.

Q: How did your “past life” inform your work as an agent?
As a former art director, I know what clients look for in their commissions and licenses. I’ve enjoyed working with many different personalities which has been a terrific asset in this business. Having come from the “other side”, I can see both sides of the creative coin.

Q: If you could go anywhere for a week, where would you go? Who would you bring?
Just a week? I’d have to say Paris as I have never spent any time in France other than on a train passing through to Belgium. I’d go with my husband. If you’d give me month, I’d say Vietnam and Thailand.

Kim Fleming, Agent


My life has always been colored by the artistic world in some way. As a youngster, I was always the one drawing in the corner, filling sketchbooks, and spending my Saturday mornings at art classes.

I studied graphic design, illustration, and animation at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, and this has influenced the many directions my life has taken — I have been fortunate to wear many hats in my career.

I started out animating children’s games for clients such as Mattel and Hasbro, back in the day of frame-by-frame hand-drawn animation. This is where I really cut my teeth and developed some illustration chops. Then, I moved to Australia where I discovered the wonderful world of children’s books! I began a career in children’s book illustration, while working part-time doing graphic design.

During this period, I took the 2nd ever MATS A&B classes and have been hooked on Lilla Rogers Studio ever since! I have always been very grateful for the wisdom and guidance LRS gives to the illustration community, and am very excited to be part of that force.

Q: What do you love about being an agent?
This is a new chapter in my career, so ask me in a few months! :) But I expect I am going to love giving back to an industry I am passionate about, and helping artists achieve their creative dreams. And Lilla’s retreat looks pretty awesome too!

Q: How is Lilla Rogers Studio a unique agency?
Firstly, LRS invests whole-heartedly in the careers of their incredible artists. They are given personal one-on-one attention whenever needed, whether it be to talk through a challenge on a particular job, or for advice guiding the broader brush strokes of their career path. Not many agencies offer this personal attention.

And secondly, LRS gives a similar gift to the illustration community as a whole. Through Lilla’s courses and personal reviews, participating illustrators are granted a level of professional feedback that is invaluable.

Q: How does your “past life” inform your work as an agent?
I have been on both sides of this role, as commissioner and as artist. I am empathic to the needs of both, and able to walk the communication tightrope to keep everyone happy and functioning at optimum level.

Additionally, I’m really looking forward to putting my deep knowledge of the children’s book industry into practice.

Q: If you could go anywhere for a week, where would you go? Who would you bring?
One adventure on my bucket list is the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail through Spain and parts of France and Portugal. I could only do part of it in a week, but that would probably be enough! I would love to take my husband and son, though I may have to wait a few more years since my son is only 6 ;-)

Joanne Hus, Agent and Designer


Even before becoming an agent for LRS, I was already a big fan: I had taken her first e-course, and we’d met at a creative retreat in New Hampshire. When she was looking for another Agent in 2014, I pounced on the opportunity. It was an obvious fit. It’s fascinating how everything in one’s life that comes before, always pays off later. My career as an illustrator and a designer has helped inform my work as an agent.

After I studied Illustration at Parsons, I landed freelance gigs doing design production for several top Manhattan firms. Later, I got into graphic design, moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and co-founded a graphic design firm, ID Group, which was an extraordinary experience. I understand what it means to run a creative business. I’m also fluent in Spanish: ¡Se habla español!

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of designing and/or illustrating for major clients like Chase Manhattan Bank, Burson Marsteller, Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, Alexander Isley, Inc., Barron’s Educational Series, GE Capital, Marcel Schurman/Papyrus, Time Inc., and many others. My highest-profile illustration assignment was creating the theme art/poster for the 2007 US Open for the United States Tennis Association. It was quite a thrill to see my art animated on the Jumbotron at Arthur Ashe Stadium!

It’s so gratifying to be part of such a vibrant agency, working with some of the best artists and clients in the business. It’s such a thrill to contact an artist with an amazing gig—nothing beats it!

Q: What do you love about being an agent?
I love expanding the careers of our amazing artists connecting them with our top-notch clients, who constantly assign the juiciest projects! We assign dozens of jobs every week. It’s never dull! At weekly meetings with the Studio Ladies we brainstorm about a huge range of topics such as developing marketing strategies, planning our trade shows, and helping Lilla with inspiration reports, just to list a few items. And being part of the team that chooses our Global Talent Search winners is such a tremendous honor.

Q: How is Lilla Rogers Studio a unique agency?
LRS itself has a distinctive and respected brand, and in turn, is all about branding our artists. We’re the only agency I’m aware of that regularly supplies its artists with trend reports and art direction for creating superb personal pieces that get licensed right away. Not only does LRS promote the artists in all the best markets—Lilla herself is an artist and teacher, and she adores working with artists to help them grow and prosper.

Q: How does your “past life” inform your work as an agent?
I love being able to use all my skills such as design, business, marketing, networking, writing, strategizing, public speaking, and more. I’ve commissioned illustrations and I’ve been an illustrator, so I understand our clients’ needs and our artists’ needs.

Q: If you could go anywhere for a week, where would you go? Who would you bring?
Spain, with my hubby! I can’t explain why Spain; I just know that my soul resonates to flamenco music—and bagpipes, so I guess I should go to Scotland as well! I’d also love to visit Holland again. My Dad’s Dutch, and I’m definitely a Dutch girl: I love aged Gouda, dark chocolate, and tulips!

Julia Parker, Financial Manager


I love working at LRS because I get to help creative people make a living at what they love to do. One of my favorite things is cutting fat checks for artists! When I earned my two Bachelor degrees (including a BFA from MassArt) I had no idea how well it was preparing me for all I do at LRS, from bookkeeping and booking trade shows, to doing machine embroidery with Lilla on our Janome and having fun alongside our artists at a creative retreat. When I’m not taking care of business here at the Studio, you’ll find me sewing, quilting, refinishing furniture, ocean swimming—or trying to keep up with my 9-year-old’s hobbies!

Patty O’Neill, Studio Assistant


I’m an MBA turned yoga teacher and studio assistant here at LRS. Lilla leads our team with integrity and passion, and inspires staff and artists to live into our FULL potential. We are encouraged to think positively, practice spirituality and self discovery which is what I practice in my life. I feel very aligned with Lilla and her vision for the Studio, making the workplace a “garden” for growth and transformation for everyone, both artists and staff. In addition to my work at the Studio, I enjoy traveling, cooking, sewing, knitting, and watching Netflix—but I prefer to be outside exercising!