The Scoop on Riley

I’m Riley Wilkinson.
This grownup never grew up.

Lilla Rogers Studio’s new Let’s Invent Department is now my home as Toy and Game Agent and Inventor. I bring years of award-winning know-how as a toy, game, and Children’s Content Inventor and Creative Director. I’m developing toys, games, and story world concepts available for license through Lilla Rogers Studio. I’m working with artists on exciting new concepts.

Are you a product developer, art director, or product acquisitions manager at a toy or game company? Contact me to discuss and view our concepts available for license.

My decades of insights and experience are now part of Lilla’s unique offering. Over the last 25 years, I’ve worked with Mattel Creations, American Girl, AARP, Educational Insights, MGA, Scholastic, and more.

I began in the 1990s designing and art directing magazines, children’s educational books, stickers, wood puzzles, fine motor skill activity kits, and classroom décor. For the next 20+ years, I developed children’s electronics, preschool and children’s games, family games, science toys, classroom activities, talking globes, novels, and sporting goods. Some Sea Monkeys swam into the scene at one point: I even pitched a carnival ride tank for those critters!

Mass market buyers, specialty retailers, catalog developers, toy industry leaders, and eCommerce professionals have relied on me to develop and deliver innovative, imaginative products.

These brands taught me well. I promise to pass this top-notch goodness your way.


Are you on the hunt for one-of-a-kind concepts
and children’s products?
Contact me to view our inventions, characters, toys, and games available to license.

Is your team already working on something grand?
We can help you develop it. Let’s go!


Creator of The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game.
TWO MILLION games sold worldwide and 10,000 5-star Amazon reviews

My best animal friend is a squirrel! I created The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game for preschoolers and families. Since its launch, “Sneaky” has sold 2 million units and earned 5 stars and 6,000 reviews on Amazon. The award-winning, TOTY (Toy of The Year) finalist inspired five sister games, board books, and a card game. This game exemplifies what I’ll bring you: products that bring joy and revenue.


Creative Executive on Mattel Creations series, The Welliewishers.
It’s the first American Girl animated series on Amazon Prime!

I was a Creative Executive for two seasons of the Mattel Creations series, The WellieWishers, airing on Amazon Prime. My creative influence on visuals, animatics, settings, and characters led to its success and supported product tie-in revenue. The show was spun it off into children’s products, chapter books, Scholastic early readers, craft kits, and an app. American Girl dolls and playsets were launched as we developed the show.


Over the years, my teams and I have developed award-winning toys, games, and activities. The Toy of the Year Finalist nomination was a proud moment!


Enough about me. I’m here for YOU.
Yes, this is really about YOU.
Let’s fill your display cases with trophies!


Toys, games, and activities I’ve developed for AARP Staying Sharp, Maker Faire, Educational Insights, and Mattel


Our Let’s Invent team creates, illustrates, writes, and designs products and characters you’ll fall in love with. We blend equal parts aesthetic, play, story, and creativity into our concept development.

Let’s invent. Contact me.
We’ll help you sparkle in a crowded marketplace.