How We Work

Welcome to our Let’s Invent HQ!

I’m Riley Wilkinson, Toy Agent and Inventor. I’m your new friend in the imagination department. May we serve up a surprising new toy, game, character, or story concept? Shall we turn that glimmer of an idea into a sparkling, money-making star? We develop products and character concepts that nestle nicely into your existing product line. Your idea workshop is right here. Want a play date? Contact me.

Over the last 25 years as a Creative Director, my teams and I have invented, designed, and developed award-winning, top-selling toys, games, and children’s content. Now I’m creating pitches with Lilla Rogers Studio artists.

We can work with you in two ways.

What’s on the menu? 

  1. We can share our current exclusive, original toy, game, and character entertainment story worlds with you. These concepts have been created by us with gorgeous, original art by our artists from around the world. These concepts are exclusive and just waiting to be revealed.
  2. OR…we can develop original concepts for you, based on your specific product line’s needs. We’ll have a discussion and learn about your company, consumers, and goals.

Hungry? Start here.

  1. Contact me, Riley Wilkinson.
  2. We’ll chat about your company, your wish list, and your market.
  3. If you’d like to see what we’ve been cooking up, we’ll show you exciting, brand-new toy, game, and character concepts I’ve been developing with Lilla Rogers Studio artists.
  4. Would you prefer that my team create a line extension or spinoff? We’re here to do that with you.

I’ll share our new product and character concepts with you. Already have an idea? Our team will bring it to life. We can pitch new ideas to you or develop custom-tailored concepts.

Meanwhile, we research, test, and refine.

  • Which one of our unique artists harmonizes with the toy, game, or entertainment project?
  • How can we weave the concept into a client’s product line and content lineup?
  • Is the primary audience a preschooler, a teenager, or a grownup who acts like a preschooler?
  • What’s the special and unique name of the product, story, and characters?
  • Which playtesting feedback from our research will help us create a winning toy, game, and character?


Contact us to see our newest pitches!

We’re developing these types of children’s toys, games, and content


Games and Activity Kits

  • Strategy games
  • Motor skill games
  • Preschool and family games
  • Card games
  • Party games


New Characters for Depiction in Children’s Products

  • Illustration and visual development
  • Additional characters to grow an
    existing line
  • Playsets
  • Buildings, playmats, structures
  • Toy concepts inspired by your
    story’s setting



  • Gorgeous imagery
  • New concepts, from pegged
    to chipboard to jigsaw


Dolls, Plush, and Collectibles 

  • Imaginative characters in
    one-of-a-kind LRS styles
  • Personality and visual appeal that’ll stand out at retail and online


Electronic Toy Concepts

  • Form factors that’ll add quirk
    and spark to your product line


Book/Toy Hybrids

  • Companion toy or activities
  • Toys and games that blossom from
    picture book pages


Children’s Original Content

  • Author/illustrated character stories for animation show bibles
  • Memorable tales with unique premises
  • Character development: WHO
    they are and WHAT they look like


Helen Dardik for Auzou

Grandma’s Trunk Game.

Helen Dardik for Petit Monkey

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game. I created this game for preschoolers and families. The game has sold 2 million units worldwide.

The WellieWishers is American Girl’s first animated series. I served as Creative Executive on content development with Mattel Creations. We produced two seasons, now airing on Amazon Prime Video.


Contact me. I’ll share our product and character story world concept pitches with you. Already have an idea? Our team will bring your concept to life.