How We Work

Welcome to our Toy Design Department!

I’m Riley Wilkinson, Toy Agent and Inventor. May I serve up a surprising new toy, game, character, or story concept? Imagine our artists illustrating your new money-making star product. Our toy, game, and characters could nestle nicely into your existing or new product line. Want a play date? Contact me.

Inspired by our pitches but only want to license the art for a product you’re already developing? You can license the art you’ve fallen in love with. We’re creating new concepts every day!

It’s easy! So much goodness can be yours. Here’s how:

  1. Grab an  exciting, brand-new toy, game, or character concept I’ve created with Lilla Rogers Studio artists.
  2. Want our gorgeous concepts turned into a product in another category? We can twist up any toy or game concept art into home decor, book, or a non-toy product.
  3. Would you like a line extension or spinoff? We’re here to do that for you.

Contact us to see our newest pitches!

Games and Activity Kits

  • Preschool, card, party, and family games
  • Craft kits educational activities with beautiful, on-trend art


Dolls, Plush, and Collectibles

  • Imaginative characters in
    one-of-a-kind LRS styles
  • Toy concepts inspired by our author/illustrated picture books available for license!



  • We’ve got some secret, exclusive puzzle concepts to share with you. Contact Riley to learn more.


Children’s Original Content

  • Author/illustrated character animation show bibles

Contact me. I’ll share our charming product pitches with you!

Helen Dardik for Auzou

Grandma’s Trunk Game.

Helen Dardik for Petit Monkey