Zoe Ingram and Lilla in latest issue of Where Women Create Business


Huge thanks to Jo Packham and the team at Where Women Create Business for the beautiful 8-page article on 2013 Global Talent Search winner Zoe Ingram.


The feature was part of Zoe’s prize, along with a host of licensing deals and representation by Lilla Roger Studio, and it gives a fascinating into Zoe’s journey to this point.


In it she shares her top advice for artists starting out, including keeping an open mind, taking time away from what you are doing to refresh yourself, budgeting well, finding a support group and using social media creatively to promote yourself for free. If you want to know more you can hear an interview with Zoe here.


The same issue (Vol 2 Issue 2) also features Lilla’s story from illustrator to agent, and is packed with insights from a host of inspiring female creative entrepreneurs.

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