Month: June 2011


Adolie Day’s cute products

Adolie writes:

“Here’s some photos of my new products: iPhone cases, postcards, notebook, jewelery, puzzle…
i make for La Marelle (french editor)
You can buy my items here for US
and here for Europe.
Merci :)


Helen’s “crazy birds” patterns

Click here to see more of Helen’s work.

Wednesday: Adolie Day’s cute products


Talitha’s “Flower Woman”

Talitha writes:

“I have been working on a little series that I guess I’m entitling “Flower Women”. A little background, I wrote my thesis on floral symbolism in art and one of the reoccurring themes that emerged in my research was “woman as flower” We’re named after flowers, we like to get flowers as gifts, we wear flowers, we wear floral patterns. Yes, most women have a soft spot for flowers and even identify with them. Flowers are soft, delicate, beautiful, fragile; all things that have been associated with womankind for thousands of years. Now I certainly don’t think that we women are beautiful, fluttery display items that are only decorative, but it is interesting to me, this obsession women have, including myself, with flowers. This partiality spans time and culture, and I had this idea to pick women from different cultures and draw them wearing a flower that is associated with their culture or location. I think I might do a few more, but right now, I have 4 ladies adorned with flowers.”


A thing of beauty

To me, this is a piece of art. Vintage typography and modern shapes all in one. How often do you see that in a candy store? Hubby and I were up in Rockport recently on a weekday getting salty air and sun for a needed breather. These candies and salt water taffy (the ultimate retro candy) can be gotten at Tuck’s on Main Street. Send me pix if you go! –Lilla


Helen’s Just Keep Swimming patterns

Helen writes:


I’m trying to inspire a sushi dinner outing:)
Can you feel it?”

A thing of beauty


Lilla will be the celebrity guest judge on They Draw & Travel’s $2,000 Marvelous Map Contest

To celebrate the launching of They Draw & Travel – Maps Illustrated by Artists from Around the World – its creators, Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell, a brother and sister design and illustration team, are having a “big, fat contest!” with over $2,000 in prizes. And guess who is the guest celebrity judge?! Lilla. What’s next? American Idol? — Julia

For more information on how to enter the contest, click here. Deadline is July 24th.


Recycle your coffee cups

What a kooky idea, great way to recycle your paper cups. You use a binding tool to make a wire-bound album. Then you embellish the heck out of it. You put papers inside with your sketches and words and things. See more here. –Lilla


A cereal box by Sarajo Frieden

Sarajo writes:

“Hi all,

It’s not often that I get to see my work in the grocery store, but that’s exactly what happened while cruising the aisles of my local market. Here is a picture of a row of my Kellogg’s All Bran box. I created the illustrations, patterns, and hand lettered type for the back of the box.

Wednesday: Recycle your coffee cups


The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide : new work by Rebecca Bradley

Rebecca writes:

“Hi Lilla: Just out! The Twilight Saga : The official Illustrated Guide. I was lucky to work on this gorgeous book. It is chock full of art and beautifully designed. It was fun to enter the twilight world. Here is the original art for one of the maps and a night scene. I hope the fans enjoy it!”

All artwork is reproduced with permission from Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. All rights reserved

Monday: A cereal box by Sarajo Frieden


Helen’s latest patterns

For more of Helen’s work, click here.