Talitha’s “Flower Woman”

Talitha writes:

“I have been working on a little series that I guess I’m entitling “Flower Women”. A little background, I wrote my thesis on floral symbolism in art and one of the reoccurring themes that emerged in my research was “woman as flower” We’re named after flowers, we like to get flowers as gifts, we wear flowers, we wear floral patterns. Yes, most women have a soft spot for flowers and even identify with them. Flowers are soft, delicate, beautiful, fragile; all things that have been associated with womankind for thousands of years. Now I certainly don’t think that we women are beautiful, fluttery display items that are only decorative, but it is interesting to me, this obsession women have, including myself, with flowers. This partiality spans time and culture, and I had this idea to pick women from different cultures and draw them wearing a flower that is associated with their culture or location. I think I might do a few more, but right now, I have 4 ladies adorned with flowers.”

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