Month: April 2011


Mimi Kirchner’s tiny world class

From Mimi Kirchner’s blog:
“I’ve got a Tiny World class scheduled for April 30 and there is still space. I would love it if you could join in the fun. All the info is here, but these are the basics. You bring a tea cup and than get to play with all my materials and tools. Like my scallop scissors and my endless variety of felt and wool. It is loads of fun!”

Click here for more info.


New Work by John Coulter: Las Vegas Sun: No Love for Nevada

John Coulter writes:

“Hi Lilla,

This is a recent illustration for the Las Vegas Sun for an article about why businesses don’t want to come to Nevada.
I’ve included the layout, some close-ups and the rough thumbnail sketch. ”


Hsinping’s cards to benefit American Red Cross for Japan relief

Hsinping writes:

“Hi, Lilla,
I sent you this blue image few weeks a go after I learned about the Japan Earthquake.
Now I made another drawing and made them into postcards.
I am selling them on Etsy now and will donate the money to American Red Cross for Japan relief.
Click here for Hsinping’s etsy site.

Thanks for inspiring me to do this!”

Wednesday: New Work by John Coulter: Las Vegas Sun: No Love for Nevada


Happy Easter egg hunting from Susan Farrington


Step by step, Adolie Day

Adolie writes:

“Hi Lilla
Here (finally) an overview of my work process.
Here for creating a character, I hope it will answer some questions.
for this first step I draw with anim pencil. Blue
I then turned to the light table to improve it, make it more readable,
clean, adjust my line and add details sharper.
I then add some values ​​in blue ink.
I scan and begins working on Illustrator forms (the tablet).
I draw some bodies, details, printed, peas … and imports them into Photoshop.
Sometimes (not here) I scan funds in watercolor, fabric, I import photos
to bring the material.
For the rest I’m working on Photoshop, with different effects,
brushes and textures that I keep in my palette
A new “beloved” for a top secret note book …”


New tea towel “winter landscape x sarajo frieden” just released by Third Drawer Down!

Sarajo writes:

“Hi all,
Just in time for tea, my latest collaboration with third drawer down has just been released. “Winter landscape” is my fourth product with TDD—all the others have completely sold out!”

Friday: Step by step, Adolie Day


Susy’s Pizza Hut Europe/Asia artwork

Here are some photos of Susy Pilgrim Waters‘ illustrations for Pizza Hut in Europe and Asia. I’d eat at my local Pizza Hut every day if they had art like this on the walls and on the light fixtures! – Julia





Wednesday: New tea towel “winter landscape x sarajo frieden” just released by Third Drawer Down


New work by John Coulter: Nevada Job Creation

John writes:

“Hi Lilla,
Here is a recent illustration I did for the Las Vegas Sun.
The article is about Democrats and Republicans arguing about the best way to create jobs in Nevada.”


Sarajo’s work in the April 2011 issue of Whole Living Magazine

Sarajo writes:

“Hi all,
The April 2011 issue of Martha Stewart’s Whole Living magazine is full of articles about keeping a body/soul balance, with inspirational bits on people making a difference. I was delighted to see a feature on The Working Proof (my “bluewater” print as well as two other beautiful prints are featured),who pair affordable art with great causes—win win!”

Friday: New work by John Coulter: Nevada Job Creation