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What do Anaheim, Yamanashi, and Quebec City have in common?

We’re all aching to travel again–the anticipation while packing a bag, the thrill of hopping on a plane and hugging far-off friends once more, so we thought we’d share some charming illustrated maps by our artists in a variety of styles to get you in the mood. I am predicting a huge travel and resort boom for 2022, and that’s great for illustrators who create stylish maps. Enjoy the show!
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Illustration for The Washington Post (Travel section)
Animation by Natasha Dewitz


Available for licensing as of this writing.


Marco created a fabulous series of 12 maps for
Legami Milano “Wine & Dine 2021 Calendar”



For Galena Country Tourism



Available for licensing as of this writing.



Available for licensing as of this writing.


Available for licensing as of this writing.


World map for Oopsy Daisy.


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A recap of Susan’s fanastic trip to NYC

What happens when you set agent Susan McCabe loose in NYC to visit art directors? Watch and see some pix from her visit last week!

Animation by Natasha Dewitz


Intrepid agent Susan McCabe in Manhattan


The art directors loved getting these luscious magazines of our artists’ work for children’s books and for greeting cards.

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Susan visited with folks from a number of publishing houses…

Here’s Liam Donnelly and Tracy Shaw of Jimmy Patterson Books. They’ve done a few books with our artist Hsinping Pan.


Sneak Peek! Susan shot this photo of the proofs of Hsinping Pan’s gorgeous new book with Jimmy Patterson entitled Bigger Words for Little Geniuses, due out September 2019. Speaking of language, Hsinping is fluent in English and Taiwanese, having lived in both Los Angeles and Taipei.


Helen Dardik & Carolyn Gavin’s watercolor workshop

Susan absolutely loved attending Helen’s and Carolyn’s fantastic watercolor workshop in Brooklyn on the same weekend.
Helen and Carolyn will be teaching more workshops! Check out for info on future workshops.


Noted show

The hot new stationery show, Noted, in Brooklyn, was a success! Here, Susan visits with the lovely folks at Seedlings (with Anne Bentley cards.)

Shanliegh Heelan (left) and Mary Catherine Heelan (right)


It’s always wonderful to see projects fully realized. Susan snapped this shot of these brand new card sets for Roger La Borde by Kendra Binney, which were revealed at the Noted show.


Anne Bentley and Katie Vernon for Roger La Borde


Some of Kendra Binney’s cards spotted at the Calypso booth.


Susan enjoyed visiting Creative Director Monica Brandrup of the lovely card company, Up With Paper.


Pop-up card by Rebecca Jones for Up With Paper.


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A curated collection of our artists’ most beautiful maps, Part 2

We have so many gorgeous maps to show you that we needed to break them up into TWO posts. Here’s Part 2. Enjoy!

Trina Dalziel

Fun Fact: LRS agent Kim Fleming (originally from Montreal by way of Portland, OR) lived in Melbourne, Australia for 15 years before we got our hands on her!


Anke Rega


Katie Vernon


Jessica Allen


Marco Marella





I hope you enjoyed the show! Want great art for your project? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to assist you with any of your art needs. Get to know us here!
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Founder, Lilla Rogers Studio
Co-Founder, Make Art That Sells courses
P. S. Read what our clients have to say about working with our agency here!

Sarajo’s Godiva Chocolate Bliss

We’re so thrilled to see our artist Sarajo Frieden on Godiva’s homepage!  She had the opportunity of a lifetime working on this very special edition for Godiva’s 2017 Valentine’s Day Collection.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 11.46.32 AM
Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 11.59.50 AM

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 12.11.42 PM

Images from Godiva website.

The packaging is stunning and captures the playful wit and colorful palette of Sarajo’s work. As part of this project, Godiva flew Sarajo over to Japan to meet with the Godiva team and speak at the unveiling of this special collection. What an amazing experience!


8photos by Sarajo

Sarajo captured this journey to Japan through a series of beautiful photographs and we’ll be sharing all of those with you this Tuesday, Feb. 7th on Lilla’s Instagram Feed @lillarogers. Be sure to follow along in the fun and see how this wonderful collection came to be. And while you’re at it, go ahead and buy some of these yummy chocolates for yourself or a loved one this Valentine’s Day.


The Studio Ladies


Artists + Art Directors Flying in Today!

So exciting around here as we wait for all of these incredible creative artists & art directors to fly in today for the retreat #LillasRetreat!  Click on the artists name below to explore their gorgeous galleries of work….


Sarah Walsh


Tara Lilly, Global Talent Search Winner 2014


Carolyn Gavin

Lisa DeJohn

MargoTantau_3 copy

Margo Tantau Creative Director of Midwest CBK


Suzy Ultman

Helen Dardik

Have safe travels everyone and can’t wait to kick off this retreat! #LillasRetreat




The tastes, sounds, smells and visuals are so gloriously fresh…


Having a wonderful time in Brighton. The tastes, sounds, smells and visuals are so gloriously fresh. There is a steady sea breeze punctuated with seagull cries and the light is crystaline, even in the morning.



Ladies of the Market downstairs.



Yummy pork pies!



Textures, types and colors captured on a morning walk.















The life of a digital nomad


My day starts out leisurely with Margo Tantau in the cafe downstairs. I showed her the mini tarot deck I bought yesterday, and she wants to buy one, too. I neglected to bring mine from home.


Here’s me taking a photo of Margo taking a photo at the cafe. What happens when you get two visual hoarders in the same room? This.


I’m on a business trip. This is my business today: Margo, Beth and I go ’round to tiny Brighton shops and record instructive videos for our online courses. Margo chats about products as seen through the eyes of a creative director, and I as a teacher/agent. We are particularly interested in home decor products for our newest course. I love asking Margo (right) questions about how things are made because she knows so much. Beth (left) does the filming and keeps us on task.


First up, we chat on camera about this extraordinary ceramic set. Note the sgraffito carvings on the leaves on the creamer on the left, and the raised tree branches and birds on the right. Although the imagery is different, the gold rim ties the two together. Things to think about when designing your own line.


I chat a bit about painting on distressed wood and mention that exposing bits of the wood in one’s wall art makes a nice home decor presentation. Margo agrees.

England just has the sweetest vibe, with all the pleases and thank yous and polite niceties; you see it reflected in the delicacy of the art. Someone said it’s from having a queen for the monarch.


(I may have bought this lovely little painting.)


We are seduced by the window, and elect to break for a coffee.


Now at a vintage shop, Margo explains what the bleed-y, runny mid-century glaze is on the vase on the left, and how to note that in your presentation so the art director knows what you’re thinking. Then, they try to get me to buy that vase—and I desperately want to—but I am on a vase-buying moratorium.


Here’s that funny glaze again. I just love it. It looks bubbly and over-fired and I adore it. Margo points out that the glaze effect is unpredictable when being manufactured, but cool.


I purchased this anatomy doll for my husband, an emergency room doctor. He’s on a plane on his way here and doesn’t know about it yet! He’s the kind of guy that will treasure this. It’s carved, painted wood and comes with an instruction manual, so you know what guts go where I suppose. I allow myself to buy this because I’m not a wooden-anatomy-doll-purchasing-moratorium (yet).


Just seriously cool. Hand-decaled Peter Max/Carnaby Street love fest.


My kind of bathing suit. We poke around some more and make about a dozen more short videos.


After shooting little videos on finding color inspiration at your local new age gem shop, mid-century fabric printing looks, defining visual merchandising, new trends in metal products, exploring shapes for glass products, and even some children’s book styles, we call it a day.


Now I am in my digs, writing this for you.

And that’s the life of this digital nomad.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more goodness!



Brighton is so freaking charming


Took a stroll in Brighton UK last night to get a taxi to Beth’s.


Everything is so freaking charming.



Here’s the Brighton Dome, where our big event is being held on Friday. A bit magical, a bit kooky.


Is this a story book house or Beth’s house? Yup, it’s Beth’s.


Pebble mosaic. I want to do this. Can Boston weather sustain this kind of thing?


Beth’s belly. I made the bronze necklace for her.


I lettered the name tags while we gabbed about the event. Yup, this is my career. I brought my fountain calligraphy pen and my travel watercolors.





Morning coffee

I’m having my morning coffee downstairs. I’m loving this place.  Working on my Trend Report and Art Review PowerPoint for Friday.  #digitalnomad


Not often do you see a flyer for an accordion teacher.  I do love the serif lettering and the pencil drawing of the accordion.





Lilla Arrives in the UK


Stylin’ with my groovy carry on the plane.


In flight entertainment is amazing.  I listened to Mozart and meditations!


I just love being somewhere else.


Slid through with my business visa.


An ad for an electric BMW in the airport.


Now at my hotel!


Love being in a foreign country. When I was young, I wanted to be as savvy as possible. Now I want to be uncertain and fascinated.

This is in the bathroom. What is it?


This is in the closet. What is it?


Went to the ATM.