Month: May 2011


Adolie Day in the “So cute show”

Adolie writes;

“Hi Lilla,
I’m a part of an amazing french show in June “So cute ” at Galerie Curiosités
With stunning artists : Chloé Rémiat, Agata Kawa, EEching’s Handmade, Ëlodie, Evangelione’s Handmade, Kanzilue, Koralie, Lucie Georger, Pocoleizi, Sefora Pons and Sombrilla Verde!
I’ve made 3 pieces for this show : 2 original drawings and one limited reproduction signed and numbered ^-^ .

New Work by John Coulter: Rhode Island Monthly


Jillian Phillips – Louie Award 2011

Jillian writes:

“Hi Lilla
I was thrilled to find out my design for Madison Park Greetings won a Louie award last week!”

Congrats Jillian! we are so proud of you! – Julia

Jillian’s Madison Park Greetings Sugar Friendship card


Suzy Ultman’s Juicy New Robert Kaufman Fabric Collection

Suzy writes:

Welcome to Appleville: a world chock full of cheery apples, quaint acorn houses, little critters, and my signature girls. This collection marks my 3rd fabric line with Robert Kaufman. I think you can tell we’ve been having fun collaborating! And, the fun is contagious… My friends at Sew-to-Speak were inspired by Appleville and created the wonderous quilt below. So, bust out your sewing machine, and make something juicy. Very Best!”

Click here to buy some of Suzy’s fabulous Appleville fabric.

Jillian Phillips – Louie Award 2011


Cupcake Sightings

Talitha writes on her blog:

“An illustrator always loves to see her work out and about. Last weekend I had the pleasure of spotting two things I had done: my book and my Galison Cupcake stickers. I also spotted some adorable stickers done by fellow LRS artist Jillian Phillips.”

Suzy Ultman’s Juicy New Robert Kaufman Fabric Collection


Great craft project with Jenn Ski’s scrapbooking papers

Ashley found this blog entry on Star Graf Design showcasing this amazing Alphabet Block project, using Jenn Ski’s 12×12 Actopus to Zelephant scrapbooking paper.


Linda Ketelhut at the Renegade Craft Fair Austin

Linda writes:

“Hi Everyone,

Renegade Craft fair Austin is coming up and I’ll have a booth this year!
It will be a great weekend to see all of the great art + wares being made by locals. I’m looking forward to it!!”


Our fabulous artists at Surtex!

Suzy Ultman and Carolyn Gavin sharing a laugh in front of Helen, Diane, Suzy and Silvia Portella’s banners.

A gorgeous, talented trio – Lisa Congdon, Sarajo Frieden and Susy Pilgrim Waters.

Check out the cool footwear on Lisa, Sarajo, Susy and Allison Cole.


French advertising campaign by Adolie Day

Adolie writes:

“Hi Lilla
here’s two big illustrations i make for POM D’API shoes, a french luxury brand
It’s the summer 2011 Campaign, in shops in France and all over the world


Tons of Mati Flip Video Cameras available!

If you haven’t heard, Cisco is shutting down Flip Video Camera manufacturing. Sad, but true. An innovative product we are all sad to see go. On the bright side, until the store officially shuts its doors, you can still order your very own Mati Rose McDonough Flip Video camera here! – Ashley


Visit us at Surtex!

Tons of Mati Flip Video Cameras available!