Month: May 2014


Macrina Busato for Windham Fabrics

“Handmade” for Windham Fabrics by Macrina Busato is collection created to celebrate the happiness of creating things by hand. Simple sewing, knitting, quilting or printmaking; all these are crafts we give to our beloved friends and family that are kept as this little treasures. This collection is about friends sharing their love for handmade projects. Buttons and paper cut or stencil flowers play with handmade dots and stitched words to celebrate the joy of a “handmade” love. – Macrina

Now available directly at Windham Fabrics


windham fabrics - handmade


windham fabrics - handmade - collage flowers blue



Visit Marco Marella’s studio in Italy!


Hi! Here are a couple of studio pics. i am working on a series of canvases for a small gallery show, these are quite different, stylistically, from my main body of commercial work nonetheless i think it’s important to explore other paths and most of all it is important to find some time to dedicate at personal projects, finally my computer generated work greatly benefits from this healthy practice, not to say my soul! – Marco







May Bootcamp Gallery now live!

The third gallery from our hot new course Make Art That Sells: Assignment Bootcamp is now live! You can view it here:


The gallery features over hundreds of pieces of original art inspired by the May class assignment… an editorial illustration for an article on meditation.


We loved seeing such a rich variety of submissions in response to this fun and quirky brief, and love the supportive energy in the Bootcamp community. What a generous, talented group of artists they are!

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.30.24

If you want to find out more about any of the featured artists, just click on their work so it opens up larger, then click on the link above the image. Happy viewing!


If you want professional level assignments to stretch you to create fresh signature pieces that are ready to sell in multiple markets, cutting edge trend and inspiration from an art agent who licenses and commissions projects for her artists every single day, and insight into how to make art that sells in the top ten hottest markets for art, join us for Make Art That Sells


We have also just opened pre-registration for the 2014 Global Talent Search. Find out more and get on the pre-registration list here, or listen to last year’s winner talk about how her career has completely turned around as a result here.


SURTEX 2014 – last day

As tired as I am – I would LOVE for this show to go on all week! We have had a really great time, seeing old friends and making new ones! The work from the show promises to be more than any previous year. The excitement and true enthusiasm for the artwork was immeasurable. We have our bags packed and we are headed back to Boston, already looking forward to next year! Until then, remember, “great art great vibes buy art” – Jennifer

jon c_surtex_banner ad


The multi-talented, Carolyn Gavin, Susan McCabe, Helen Dardik & Macrina Busato – some of the very best folks on the planet!







SURTEX 2014 – day 2

Wow – the fun never stops. Today we were visited by home decor, stationery, gift, children’s product, and several large retailer clients. Susan and I are tired – but loving every minute of it. If you have not made it to the booth – come quick. Tomorrow is the last day, I am sorry to say – and the show ends early.

ART DIRECTORS: Please stop by – we are eager to see you! We are at Booth 317. ARTISTS: We would love to see you as well – but this show is all about the clients. Please visit us online or via a follow up after the show! Many thanks for your understanding! – Jennifer


The amazing Suzy Ultman is in the house!



SURTEX 2014 – day 1

The show is amazing – absolutely jammed packed – like no other year before. We have THE BEST clients, THE BEST artists and THE BEST artwork! I feel so lucky to be surrounded by all these talented and kind people!

ART DIRECTORS: Please stop by – we are eager to see you! We are at Booth 317. ARTISTS: We would love to see you as well – but this show is all about the clients. Please visit us online or via a follow up after the show!  Many thanks for your understanding!

YAY = GO SURTEX 2014! Go TEAM LRS! – Jennifer

macrina_surtex 2014



SURTEX 2014: We are all set up and ready to see you tomorrow!

Whew – getting ready for the shows is always SO much work – but SO worth it! This year is no different. We are thrilled to be here and know this will be THE BEST SHOW EVER! We have ipads + blurb books brimming with the best artwork in the biz! Many of our artists are here in person, just like real ROCK STARS!

ART DIRECTORS: Please stop by – we are eager to see you! We are at Booth 317. ARTISTS: We would love to see you as well – but this show is all about the clients. Please visit us online or via a follow up after the show! Many thanks for your understanding!

YAY = GO SURTEX 2014! Ready or not, here we are! – Jennifer





REALLY nice post on Suzy Ultman’s key cards!

Suzy Ultman has the key to my heart. I just love this work from her. Read this lovely review on about her Key Cards for Igloo Letterpress. You can buy them here.

Enjoy! – Jennifer






Only 6 more days until SURTEX! See you there?

We are packing our bags and sorting our best artwork in preparation for SURTEX 2014!  This year promises to be THE BEST EVER! We have work from the top talents in the business and we are eager to share their work with YOU! Come see us in Booth 317. Contact Susan or me directly via my email or my cell: 617-299-9457 to book an appointment. – Jennifer




Example of blurb book – this one from Sarah Walsh – you won’t believe what you see when you turn the pages!



Zoe Ingram, 2013 Global Talent Search Winner, is featured in Where Women Create Business Magazine as part of her prize!

…and Lilla shares her journey from artist to agent in this issue of the magazine, reprinted from her book I Just Like to Make Things (Quarry).


Order the magazine here:


Lilla sketching vintage floral pins


Lilla playing with paint and collage on masonite