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Linda writes:

“Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share some photo’s of the ice sculptures I saw on my trip to Antartica years ago. I’ve been pining to travel and reflecting back on this epic adventure. Though it’s been some time since this trip, these images never cease to inspire me. I was in awe of these wondrous sculptures in all their forms. The light casting off the ice was luminous.
We were able to tour through mazes of these in our zodiacs and get up close enough to see all the dips and striations. Being detail-oriented in my work as an artist, I was enthralled by just how much was going on with these masses of ice. Floating nearby in our boats we could see the weather worn intricacies, seemingly chiseled away, and hear drops of water dripping into the ocean. I couldn’t get enough of these.”

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  • amazing photos linda. incredible place.

    August 19, 2011

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