We’re getting ready for our 3rd Annual LRS Artists Retreat!

Over here at Lilla Rogers Studio we’re getting ready for our 3rd Annual Artists Retreat for our represented artists. Starting this Sunday, it’s three days of making art together, learning new things, schmoozing with top VIPs in the business, eating well and more. Here’s my garden where we’ll hang out the first day. Follow along at #lillasretreat on Instagram.


Guess who is coming to our Retreat? We’ve got VIPS from companies such as Blue Q, Hallmark, Quarto, teNeues, Candlewick, Sterling Publishers and Janine Vangool, Publisher of the highly acclaimed UPPERCASE Magazine. She’s hanging out with us and I’m sure she and I will concoct some pretty interesting ideas beneficial for both brands. And that, my friend, is how we do business around here. I always say “Play business like it’s a game.” That means: have fun with it.

We are honored that Mitch Nash, the founder of BlueQ, will be attending our Retreat. We love BlueQ!

I’m getting the back garden prettied up. I like an informal setting, plying everyone full of lots of good food and drink to inspire creativity, ideas, and relaxation. I’m going to lead my artists on a very cool art project which I show you in a later newsletter. Stay tuned!

Imagine what my artists are going to do with all this goodness on Day Three: Craft Day! I’m giving each of them blank tote bags to decorate. We’re talking inks, fabric paints, sashiko thread, gem setters, Helen Dardik rubber-stamps, sequins… See that little face in the middle? That’s my test piece, LOL. When Flora Waycott and Kate Mason come (a few days early from Australia) they’ll make a little sampler to test the materials.







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