Peek inside the Studio, my garden, and see our artists’ Show and Tells.

We recently showed you highlights from our 3-Day Annual Retreat, and now I’d love to show you a few photos of the activities that the artists participated in, from our Sketch Scavenger Hunt to Vintage Bingo.


Thought you might like to see photos of the Studio and back patio set up and ready for the arrival of the artists, Day One.

Above: Breakfast on the patio.

Attending Artists, from front right, moving clockwise around the table:
Kendra Binney (in light pink top) (Portland, OR)
Åsa Gilland (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Jennifer M Potter (San Francisco, CA)
Bambi Ramsey (California)
Erica Root (Philadelphia, PA)
Anke Rega (Berlin, Germany)
Kelly Anne Dalton (Montana)
Mara Penny (Oakland, CA)
Sarah Papworth (England)
Julia Christians (Germany)
Jessica Allen (Barrington, Rhode Island) (not pictured)


After a Studio update to discuss all of our exciting new plans for the future, it was time for a vintage Bingo break.

Above: Vintage Bingo break!


Below: Our Snoop Groups. The artists broke into small groups to discuss a particular topic. Then, they reported back to the larger group with tips and thoughts.

Sarah Papworth, Anke Rega, Åsa Gilland, Jessica Allen


Erica Root, Mara Penny, Kendra Binney, Bambi Ramsey


We devote a load of time at the Retreat for the artists to do teach-ins, where they show something like an art supply that they love, share a tech hack, or anything else they want to share.

Above, artist Kendra Binney (Portland, OR) shows some of the ‘cheap’ art supplies she uses in her art, which was surprising to all of us, because her work is so elegant and fancy. For original art that she sells, she covers the work in light-fast resin.


Artist Anke Rega demonstrated how she incorporates digital work with her traditional media work.


The Sketch Scavenger Hunt was new for this year. I gave our artists a list of things to look for in my garden (like “Draw an unusual leaf” or “Draw something purple”) and then they were free to roam and sketch.

Anke Rega, left, and Sarah Papworth


Julia Christians


Thank you, artists! See you next year!


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