“What do you look for in an artist?” Hear what Mitch Nash, co-founder of Blue Q, says when I ask him that question.

We’re so excited about our upcoming three-day 5th Annual Artists and VIP Retreat beginning this Sunday. Eleven of our artists are flying in from all over the planet to attend, and we can’t wait! Enjoy some shots from previous years.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we will be doing live posting and Insta stories during the Retreat. You’ll see lots of art, some mini interviews with the artists, and maybe even a shot of vintage bingo at break time.

Looking for some great art for your project? Contact us to assign or license. We’re happy to help!


Attending artists will be (in no particular order):

Kendra Binney, Washington
Sarah Papworth, England
Jessica Allen, Rhode Island
Asa Gilland, Jakarta, Indonesia
Anke Rega, Berlin

Julia Christians, Germany


Erica Root, Philadelphia


Bambi Ramsey, California


Mara Penny, Oakland


Kelly Anne Dalton, Montana


Jennifer M Potter, San Francisco


One of the highlights of the Retreat is Speed Art Dating with the art directors and our artists at nearby Mystic Lake. Our artists have a chance to visit with each art director and show new work. Want to see our artists’ latest art? Contact us! We’d be delighted to show you.


Click on the photo to hear what cool Mitch Nash, co-founder of the beloved company Blue Q, says when I ask him “What do you look for in an artist?”


Clairice Gifford and Flora Waycott showing their portfolios


We dedicate the entire day three of the Retreat for art making. Some years, the artists decorate blank white linen tote bags. Above, Trina Dalziel has appliquéd, embroidered, and painted a lovely pooch on the pouch.


Katie Vernon and her cheese labels; art from last year’s retreat. I had a vibe that if Katie creates some cheese packaging labels, it would attract a very very cool job. So Katie, being the lovely person she is, and brilliantly talented, created these gems. And lo and behold, she did get a very nice food packaging gig!


Taker a peek at Sarah Walsh’s sketchbook that she brought along to the Retreat.


Artist Marenthe from Amsterdam, agent Susan McCabe and artist Clairice Gifford from Utah having a good laugh.


Left to right: Coffee break time with artist Kate Mason of Australia; Janine Vangool, Publisher of Uppercase Magazine; Mitch Nash, co-founder of Blue Q; artist Flora Waycott of Australia


Sarah Walsh, Katie Vernon and Mara Penny working away on their art projects.


A workshop on writing children’s books on last year’s patio. I’ve completely re-landscaped the back gardens and patio. We’ll show plenty of pix in an upcoming newsletter.


Kate Mason’s bird house for Studio M, in my garden.



I hope you enjoyed the show! Want great art for your project? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to assist you with any of your art needs. Get to know us here!
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