A reading adventure, a rainbow puzzle, Christmas stickers and more!

Take a gander at some of our artists’ brilliant new books and products out now.

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Ruth Burrows & Tequitia Andrews
We love it when our artists get to work on a project together!

Ruth and Tequitia both contributed to this amazing book published by Dorling Kindersley.

Buy it here.

Left: Cover by Ruth Burrows.

Above: Internal illustration by

Ruth Burrows

Below: Internal illustrations by

Tequitia Andrews


Kendra Binney
Amazing 3D advent calendar for Roger la Borde

Buy it here.


Mara Penny
Gorgeous colorful puzzle for Elena Essex.

Buy it here.


Flora Waycott
Gorgeous kidsware print for Vivie and Ash


Sarah Walsh
Fabulous book on climate activism for Barefoot Books.

Buy it here.


Hsinping Pan
Gorgeous sticker set with backgrounds and fun stickers for Apli Paper

Buy it here.


This Week’s Featured Toy Pitch
Our Toy and Games Agent Riley Wilkinson has been working with our artists on some fabulous toy concepts for you. Feast your eyes!
Munch by Mara Penny
This beautifully illustrated card game by Mara Penny is a fresh take on the classic game of War. The fast-paced game play features educational facts about the ecosystem and food chain.
Contact us for more information about this fantastic toy pitch.

See more toy concepts–ready to license–here.

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